Mozilla Firefox 48.0 Full Standalone Offline Installer

 Mozilla Firefox (known simply as Firefox) is a free and open-source web browser developed for Windows, OS X, and Linux, with a mobile version for Android, by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.

Developer: Mozilla Foundation and contributors Mozilla Corporation.

What's New in Version 48.0:
* Improved warning pages for certificate errors and untrusted connections
* Enable H.264 if system decoder is available
* Enable WebM/VP9 video support on systems that don't support MP4/H.264
* In the animation-inspector timeline, lightning bolt icon next to animations running on the compositor thread
* Support the brotli compression format via HTTPS content-encoding
* Screenshot commands allow user choice of pixel ratio in Developer Tools

Download Firefox Standalone Offline Setup From Bellow:
Software Information:
File size: 32Bit - 43 MB / 64Bit - 45 MB
Version: 48.0
Requirements: Windows (All Version)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Open Source
Release Date: August 2, 2016
Author: Mozilla Organization

Airtel free browsing 2017

 • An Unblocked Airtel Sim Card
• 3G/4G Network Mode
• Main Balance - 0
• Twearkware Application
• Android OS


How To Use Airtel Free Internet By Tweakware Handler ?

• Firstly, download this Tweakware App

• Install it & open

• Now, a handler menu will appear

• Just make the below configuration in handler

Proxy Type : 'Real Host' or 'Dual Real Host'
Proxy Server :
  • After It, just save the settings

Now, a window will appear to 'Tunnel The Whole Device' as shown in below screenshot

 • Just, click on yes

• Now, press Connect button & within few minutes it will get connects [TIP : SELECT US SERVER FOR HIGH SPEED

Glo Ghana free browsing latest update

ip   or
port= 80

HOW To Remove DLL Errors

 DLL is the short form of Dynamic Link Library. The library contains executable functions or data that can be used by a Windows application.
Dynamic link library may provide a particular function, and the program can access the service by either creating a static or dynamic link. A program creates a dynamic link contrary to a static link that remains during program execution. A DLL may also contain just data.

Several applications can use a DLL at the same moment. Some DLLs can operate on any Windows application since they are provided with Windows operating system. DLL are files that allow programs on your computer to share codes so as to run certain tasks. Dynamic Link Library files are important because they enhance the performing of certain functions.
However, not all DLL files are advantageous to your computer. Harmful DLL files need to be completely erased from a computer system before they can cause harm to the user or the computer system itself. If the DLL errors are assumed then, a hacker may potentially have access to your computer and bypass all security systems including passwords. Moreover, persistent DLL errors can escalate to slow or crash the computer system. There are many ways to solve DLL errors illustrated below:
Unregister the DLL using recovery console.
DLL files must be deregistered before you begin to delete them. When you find it hard to unregister or delete some DLL files, it is possible that there is a virus attached to a DLL file. The virus makes it hard to delete the unwanted DLL file in a safe mode. To cope up with this problem, running recovery console on your Windows, CD would be a preferable solution. So as to complete deleting the file, you will need your admin password that you ought to have written and saved.
Erase harmful DLL using anti-virus applications.
You can also run an antivirus program on your computer, clean the internet tempt folder then restart your computer followed by turning the system off, reboot and lastly turn it back on. In so doing the harmful DLL files, are erased.
Manually erase DLL from a computer system.
  1. At times, you still find it still hard to unregister the files. It would be a fine choice to follow these steps below to eliminate the DLL errors manually.
  2. First open command prompt, from the start menu, select run option and type cmd.
  3. Secondly navigate to the exact location of the DLL file and type the name of the file you are trying to unregister.
  4. Finally, press enter and the confirmation window will state DLL Unregister Server.
  5. Confirm and deregistration process and restart your computer and the DLL is unregistered from your computer.
Use a software to fix your DLL errors automatically.
It can be difficult to erase or repair DLL files manually, and if you feel confused and don’t know where to start, I can recommend using a software like DLL File Fixer. This software has access to a large database and can locate and fix DLL files or eliminate harmful DLL files automatically. It can also clean the Windows registry, so you get kind of an all-in-one optimizer, if you decide to use DLL File Fixer. It’s of course more satisfying to fix computer errors manually, but if the wrong files are removed, a small error can grow to become a system crash.

How to Block Windows 10 Upgrade

In the coming weeks, Microsoft will push more than ever for you to upgrade to Windows 10 because from July 29 on the upgrade will cost $119. For Microsoft, it’s more valuable if you upgrade now — for free — because Windows 10 creates long-term revenue and it’s easier to support.
And we all know you won’t pay to upgrade your old Windows 7 or 8 machine.
Microsoft speculates that once you do wake up to Windows 10, chances are you won’t go back. Maybe you’ll enjoy Windows 10 or you won’t know how to downgrade. But what if you do want to continue running Windows 7 or 8?

How to Avoid the Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft has been trying several different tactics to get you to upgrade. First, they launched the Get Windows 10 app, which featured ever new pop-up windows, alerts, and messages designed to make you upgrade.
Most recently, they made Windows 10 a recommended upgrade. We covered this development in our post on How to NOT Upgrade to Windows 10
The takeaway from all that we’ve covered on the aggressive Windows 10 upgrade so far is:
  1. When the Get Windows 10 app pops up and announced your upgrade was scheduled, find the link Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade and cancel it. Note that closing the window using the X button will no longer cancel the upgrade!
  2. Manually remove updates and apply registry keys to remove or block the Get Windows 10 app.
  3. If Windows Update wants to get the upgrade started, simply Decline the EULA.
  4. Disable recommended updates in Windows Update.
  5. Clean up the already downloaded installation files to recover disk space.
You can try to keep on top of Microsoft’s latest moves and manually counteract them or you can let a third-party application take care of it. We recommend these two:
  • GWX Control Panel was one of the first tools to remove the Get Windows 10 notification and it also keeps Windows Update in check.
  • Never10 can apply reversible system configurations to disable the Windows 10 upgrade and it helps you clean up left over Windows 10 installation files.

How to Undo a Windows 10 Upgrade

You literally woke up to Windows 10 installed on your computer! Or maybe the setup is still in progress. Do nothing until it’s done!
You have three options:
  1. Re-install your previous Windows version.
  2. Install a system backup you made.
  3. Roll back or downgrade within the next 30 days.
We have covered all downgrade methods in depth in our article on How to Downgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7 or 8.1.
Here’s a brief summary of the third option: Press Windows key + I to launch the Settings app, head to Update & Security > Recovery, and under Go back to Windows 7 / 8.1 click Get started.
windows 10 recovery
This method only works if your previous installation was backed up into a Windows.old folder, as it should have. Also note that the rollback option expires after 30 days or when you update Windows 10 to a new version.
Now that you know how to undo or — better yet — prevent an involuntary Windows 10 upgrade, you can sleep tight again.

How to Toggle Touchscreen in Windows 10

If you have a touch-enabled device for Windows 10, you might be wondering how you can enable and disable the touchscreen on your system. While it’s not immediately obvious, it is possible to toggle this feature. And you can even automate it with a shortcut!
Oddly, Microsoft doesn’t support this toggle with a handy option in the new Settings section. Nevertheless, with a bit of effort we can create our own, which will allow you to turn your touchscreen on and off in seconds.
If you have your own method to share on how to toggle the touchscreen, please let us know in the comments below.

How to Toggle the Touchscreen

Windows 10 doesn’t have a built-in method to turn your touchscreen on and off. Though unlikely, it’s possible that your system manufacturer has included its own software to help you manage the touchscreen; please refer to the guide that came with your system.
If the feature is missing, you need to use Device Manager to disable and enable your touchscreen. First, right-click the Start button or press Windows key + X to open the quick access menu. From here, select Device Manager. Alternatively, do a system search for this tool. A new window will open, which lists all the devices detected on your system.
disable touchscreen
Double click on the Human Interface Devices heading to expand the list of devices within. From here, right-click on HID-compliant touch screen and select Disable.
You will then receive a warning message, telling you that disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. As this is exactly what we want, click Yes to proceed. The touchscreen will instantly be disabled and no further action is required.
If you want to turn the touchscreen back on, simply repeat the above process, but when right-clicking the touchscreen option you will select Enable. However, this may require a system restart to take effect.

Automate the Toggle Process

If you constantly need to enable and disable your touchscreen, it’s a bit of a hassle to keep going into the Device Manager. To combat this, we can create a shortcut, which will automate the process. It’s a bit complicated, so ensure to follow the instructions carefully. We have split up the steps to make it easy to follow.

1. Set Up Windows Device Console

First, you need to download software called Windows Device Console, or Devcon for short. Normally this comes bundled with Visual Studio Express, but that download is far too bloated for our purposes. Handily, has kindly separated the software into a standalone download. The site is also where this process came from, so many thanks to them.
devcon folder
Once downloaded, unzip the folder. Navigate inside the Windows 8.1 folder (it works perfectly for Windows 10, don’t worry) and then into the folder for your operating system version, 32bit or 64bit. If you’re not sure which you have, check out our guide on discovering your bit version.
Now press Windows key + R to open Run, input C:\Windows\System32 and press OK. Then move the Devcon executable into this folder. You may have to provide administrator permissions to drag&drop the devcon.exe into the System32 folder.
devcon system32
Right-click devcon.exe, select Properties, head to the Compatibility tab and check Run this program as an administrator.

2. Find the Hardware ID

Next, press Windows key + X and select Device Manager. Then double click the Human Interface Devices heading. Right-click the HID-compliant touch screen device listing, then select Properties.
With the Properties window now open, switch to the Details tab. Using the Property dropdown, select Hardware Ids. The value of interest to you will be in the following format:
device manager hardware ids
Leave this window open for now. We’ll come back to it in a moment.

3. Create a Batch File

Now open Notepad, which you can find by doing a system search. Paste in the following:
set "touchscreenid=ID_HERE"
devcon status "%touchscreenid%" | findstr "running"
if %errorlevel% == 0 (
    devcon disable "%touchscreenid%"
) else (
    devcon enable "%touchscreenid%"
Switch back to the Properties window that we were using previously. Right click the relevant value and select Copy. Then replace ID_HERE in Notepad with the value that you just copied to your clipboard.
In Notepad go to File > Save As… and name the file touchscreen.bat. Save this anywhere you like; somewhere like your Documents would be a good place. What we did here was to create a simple batch file to automate a system process.

4. Create a Shortcut

We now need to turn this into a handy shortcut. Navigate to the file you just saved, then right click it and select Create shortcut.
Next, right click the shortcut and select Properties. Within the Target text field, place double quotation marks around the path. Then prefix it with cmd.exe /C. An example Target would be:
cmd.exe /C "C:\UsersJoe\Documents\touchscreen.bat"
touchscreen shortcut
From the Run dropdown, select Minimized so that Command Prompt doesn’t open each time you select the shortcut. Finally, click Advanced…, tick Run as administrator, then click OK and OK again.
You can also set up a keyboard shortcut that will run the batch file. Press the Shortcut key file and enter a key combination you can remember and that isn’t occupied, yet. Maybe something like CTRL + ALT + T.
And it’s done! Place this shortcut wherever you like, perhaps on your desktop or on your Taskbar. Simply open it and it’ll then enable or disable your touchscreen automatically.

Having Problems?

If you’re having problems getting this to work, first reread the instructions and make sure you’ve followed every step and copied the correct ID. A small mistake can make the entire process break, so be careful. If you’re sure you’ve done it all properly and are still having problems, we can create two separate batch files – one for enabling and another for disabling.
First, follow the process above, but for step 3 paste the following in Notepad:
set "touchscreenid=ID_HERE"
devcon disable "%touchscreenid%"
Replace ID_HERE as detailed above and save the file as touchscreendisable.bat. Then continue with the instructions above. When setting a keyboard shortcut, you can use something like CTRL + ALT + D. Now opening this file or using that shortcut will disable your touchscreen.
Next, create another Notepad file and paste the following:
set "touchscreenid=ID_HERE"
devcon enable "%touchscreenid%"
Again, replace ID_HERE and save the file as touchscreenenable.bat. Then carry on with the instructions above. You can set a shortcut like CTRL + ALT + E. This file and shortcut will enable your touchscreen.
To summarize, rather than using a single script to both enable and disable the touchscreen, depending on its current state, we have split this into two separate scripts because the 2-in-1 solution might not work on every system.

Touch On, Touch Off

If you’ve used Continuum, the feature that allows you to switch between desktop and tablet modes, then you might have wanted to disable your touchscreen when in desktop mode. Or perhaps your system comes with touch abilities that you just don’t want to use. Whatever the situation, hopefully this guide has helped.
If you’re running a tablet on Windows 10 and are having problems with it, check out our guide on resolving tablet touchscreen problems to see if it’ll help before resorting to disabling it entirely.

How to Legally Download Office 2016 & 2013 Free From Microsoft

If you own a product key for Microsoft Office, but don’t have the installation files available, it’s really simple to download them direct from Microsoft. Whether Office was included with your system purchase, you’ve lost the disc, or just want a copy of the files, we’ll show you the different methods available.
Don’t forget that if you have an Office 365 subscription, you’re entitled to Office 2016 for free. Regardless, these steps will work, whether you’re on the latest auto-updated version or the slightly older Office 2013.
If you think we’ve missed a legal method to download Office for free from Microsoft, please do share it in the comments.

How to Obtain Legal Office Installation Files

1. From an Office 365 Subscription

If you have an active Office 365 subscription, you’re entitled to download the full versions of some of the most popular Office applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is also applicable if your business has an Enterprise license.
Navigate to the Office account page and log in with the email address your Office license is tied to, whether that’s a personal or organization account. Fill out your details, click Sign in, and click Install Office to navigate to your account. To begin the download click Install.

If you’re using an enterprise account, you should be redirected to your organization’s Office page, where you can click Install now to grab the programs. However, ensure you untick Make Bing your search engine and Make MSN your browser homepage before doing so, unless that’s what you want of course.

2. From a License Key

If your new system came with a copy of Office, it may already be pre-installed. If not, you should have been provided with a product key from the manufacturer, which you can use to download Office from Microsoft.
Alternatively, if you had a copy of Office on disc which is now broken or misplaced, you can use the same method to download replacement installation files.

Whatever your situation, head to Microsoft’s Download Office page and input your 25-character product key. Click Next, then sign in to your Microsoft account. Once your settings are confirmed, you’ll be given a link to download your relevant version of Office.

3. Order a Backup Disc

This isn’t a download, nor is it completely free, but it’s still worth including on this list as an alternative way to get your copy of Office. If you have a disc copy of Office and want to order an additional copy, you can do so for a small fee and have it shipped to you.
For this, go to the Microsoft Office install media site. Input your product key, select your language, and verify with a CAPTCHA. Next, follow the rest of the steps through to order your replacement disc.

An alternative method would be to go to your account page, where you can choose to purchase a disc, and have it shipped to you, or alternatively you can download an ISO which you can burn to a disc yourself.

Installation Process

The installation process will be essentially the same across all the methods. It’s incredibly simple and quick. First, open the installation file from the disc or download. A window will appear to detail that Office is being installed.
When complete, a message will read “You’re all set! Office is installed now” and you’ll see an animation of where to find the Office programs on your computer. It’ll depend on your operating system exactly where they are stored, but they will be in the Start Menu and you can always do a Windows system search if needed.

When you open an Office program for the first time, it will ask you to agree to the license agreement, so click Accept if you do. You might also see the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard; follow the instructions for this. It’s always best to select I want to activate the software over the Internet for the speediest activation.

Not Free Enough?

These methods are all well and good if you already own Office, but perhaps you’re looking for a free Office alternative. If that’s the case, check out our guide on how to get Word for free – and yes, it’s completely legal!
If you need a full office suite package and aren’t willing to pay out, you might want to look into alternative products. We’ve rounded up some comparisons that you should read, like our review of FreeOffice and analysis of the new LibreOffice.

12 Raspberry Pi Projects for 3D Printers

There is, perhaps, no better gadget for your DIY projects than a 3D printer. With a device capable of building every case, frame, arm, and more, it’s a must-have piece of kit.
Similarly, the Raspberry Pi is also a vital tool in the tech DIYer’s arsenal, suitable for everything from home media centers and smart home management, to launching into space!
So what happens when you put these two DIY staples together? Let’s take a look at these 12 Raspberry Pi projects that are available to 3D print.

Gaming Projects for the Raspberry Pi

The PiGrrl Nintendo Game Boy Clone

Perhaps one of the most popular uses for a Raspberry Pi is as a retro gaming center and this project takes the idea one step further, focusing the emulation on a single platform and building a suitable case.
The PiGrrl is, of course, a Nintendo Game Boy clone, developed by LadyAda, and you can find the full set of instructions on the Adafruit website, which also includes links to any additional hardware you’ll require. This build uses a cannibalized Nintendo game controller, but there are alternatives to this. We’re particularly impressed by the quality of the 3D printed Game Boy-esque case.

The Super Game Pi, Game Boy Advance Clone

Still in clone territory, Adafruit has also produced instructions for what they call a Super Game Pi, which is essentially a clone of 2001’s Game Boy Advance handheld.
The 3D printer file contains more buttons than the PiGrrl, but again relies on a cannibalized SNES controller. Just as fun as the PiGrrl, this has a larger screen, too.

Gameboy Nano

Another great gaming 3D printer project for your Raspberry Pi, this relies on the Pi Zero, and the design can be downloaded from Thingverse.
While no formal details for this build are available online, it seems to require a small display and a compact controller, although you may prefer to simply add a dummy set of controls and connect a USB or Bluetooth controller to the Pi Zero, as the USB port is left open for this build.

Google Glass with Your Raspberry Pi

Want to get every fact and figure about every location you visit? Google Glass may have taken a back seat for now, but it is a project that can be put together with a Raspberry Pi as the brain, with a 3D printer providing a home for the display, complete with clamp to hook it to your glasses!
The file to 3D print your own Google Class replica can be found at Thingiverse, while the display is probably the most important component, cannibalized in this instance from a pair of immersive TV glasses.
We’re not saying you won’t get the same level of dismay and ridicule wearing these as you would with Google Glass, but it’s got to be worth a go!

Raspberry Pi Laptops

You may know that the Pi Top started life as a 3D printed laptop project for Raspberry Pi devices, before a successful Kickstarter campaign brought them commercial success – but it’s not the only Raspberry Pi laptop out there.

Mobile Pi-To-Go

Not as laptop-like as the Pi Top, the Pi-To-Go is nevertheless an impressive project, with a tiny fold down display and keyboard thanks to this project file from Thingiverse.
Take a look at it in action here.
The lower portion of the Pi-To-Go is full of batteries pulled from an old Dell Latitude D600 laptop battery, while behind the screen and the Pi is a 64 GB SSD card.
It looks like a great project to try out; see the full guide for details.

Raspberry Pi Desktop Cases

We’ve already told you how a Raspberry Pi can be used as a desktop computer, so it makes sense to build a desktop-style case for your little computer.

The PiBook

The PiBook (3D printed file) is a Raspberry Pi in desktop computer form, with a base unit and a display sat on top.
Despite the name, the PiBook doesn’t look like a book (if anything, it resembles an Apple Lisa), but it should still satiate your need to slot your Raspberry Pi into something you just printed.

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Tablets

Several Raspberry Pi tablet projects are in circulation. This one is from Adafruit, with the file ready to be downloaded to your 3D printer available from Thingverse.
The CAD-designed case houses a Raspberry Pi A+ and has a 3.5-inch TFT display. The example in the video may not have a touchscreen, but several TFT releases are available with capacitive overlays.
For a more standard Raspberry Pi tablet, of a decent, usable size, this next Adafruit project uses a Pi 2 (or perhaps a Pi 3) and you can download the 3D printed case file from Thingverse.

Awesome 3D Printed Raspberry Pi Cases

Finally, we’re going to take a look at some of the excellent Raspberry Pi cases that can be 3D printed. This is a massive area, so feel free to go off and look for some that you think will suit your project or mood. Along the way, you might spot some of these…


This superb Raspberry Pi case is clearly inspired by the classic Nintendo Entertainment System, and even features a door providing access to the Pi’s SD card, right where the cartridge slot would be.
Here’s what it looks like in action!
Not bad, we think you’ll agree. For more retro love, also see the Amiga 3000 case and PiStation One, and perhaps consider teaming these up with the RetroPie gaming distro.

It Had to Happen: A Raspberry PIE

We’re certain that you’ll already be drooling over this delicious looking 3D printed Raspberry Pi case, which is, of course, a literal interpretation (well, almost) of the device name.
Want an absolutely literal interpretation? Think 3.1416

Raspberries Everywhere

While we’re talking “literal interpretations” we could drop the “pi” and focus on the “raspberry”. The Very Berry Pi Case 3000 is one of the most stunning Raspberry Pi cases we’ve seen, and while bigger than most has enough space for cables and cards to be inserted.

Fallout-Style Pip-Boy Wearable Pi Case

While a big job for 3D printing, this project — which will also require a portable power solution for your Raspberry Pi – looks superb, and if you’re a Fallout fan or simply want to take your Pi with you everywhere you go, this would seem to be the ultimate case. Make sure you include a touchscreen display, however!
For more videogame-inspired fun, see this Halo case.

Raspberry Pi 3D Printed Case Compatibility

While we’re on the subject of Raspberry Pi 3D printed cases, it’s worth considering that differences between the various models mean that not all cases will be suitable. As such, when considering a Raspberry Pi case for your 3D printer, examine whether the case matches the port and LED locations of your Pi.
The Raspberry Pi and 3D printed projects go together like raspberries and cream, and as you’ll have seen, the possibilities are considerable. Have you used a 3D printer in one of your Raspberry Pi projects? Perhaps you have a 3D printed case? Tell us all about it in the comments, and share your favorite projects.

How to Transfer Files between PC and Android wirelessly

Do you transfer files by connecting your mobile phone to PC with the help of USB, thus connecting and disconnecting USB gives you trouble, so turn into wireless, thus reducing your tension of wire. The benefit of wireless is that it is easy to connect and there is fast transfer of files. Here are the few wireless apps which have highest reviews in Google Play store and that will help you to Transfer Files between PC and Android wirelessly
Also Read: 5 best Websites to Download e-Books for Free.

Apps to Transfer Files between PC and Android

Airdroid is an top app to Transfer Files between PC and Android. It is available at that size of 6.4 MB and requires Android 2.1 or up. It has the highest rating for wireless data transfer. It is easy to use and even looks much pretty. The Key feature supported by this app is that— desktop SMS service, wireless transfer of files and media data, phone locating technique app management, camera and screenshots.

 2.ES File Manager :
Its size varies with devices. It is commonly known as an Android File Manager app but can also be used to transfer files wirelessly, select “Remote Manager” under the “Fast Access” list, you can find local network you are connecting to. Tap “Turn on”, find the given ftp address, then input the ftp address in the address bar of computer on your pc. As long as you get used to this app you will find it more than easy to use it.

 3. 3CX Droid Desktop :
 It is available at the size of 2.8 MB and requires android 2.0 or up. It is not as easy to use. The first time you run this app, you are required to set service port and password for your connection. Tap “start server” an IP address is generated for your device, input The IP address and password on computer browser, there will be a page displayed which looks similar to desktop.

3CXDroid also supports USB mode, Desktop SMS, Gallery Viewer, Media Player, FTP Server, WiFi Keyboard, Webcam, Screen Capture, Contact Manager, Remote Call, Wallpaper Utils, APK Web Installer, Terminal Emulator, Logcat, etc.

 Conclusion :

With the help of such apps our work gets easier and better, and we don’t need the maximum use of USB or any other wiring, which make these apps unique and is greatly appreciated by the users. So what are you waiting for, don’t be in old fashion of wiring stuff just download the apps and enjoy life more easy.

How to Create Your Own Customized Run Commands

The Run command on Microsoft Windows operating system allows you to directly open an application or document with just a single command instead of navigating to its location and double-clicking the executable icon. However, it only works for some of the inbuilt Windows programs such as Command prompt (cmd), Calculator (calc) etc.
So, have you ever wondered how to create your own customized Run commands for accessing your favorite programs, files and folders? Well, read on to find out the answer.

Creating the Customized Run Command:

Let me take up an example of how to create a customized run command for opening the Internet explorer. Once you create this command, you should be able to open the Internet explorer just by typing ie in the Run dialog box. Here is how you can do that.
  1. Right-click on your Desktop and select New -> Shortcut.
  2. You will see a “Create Shortcut” Dialog box as shown below
    Create customized Run command
  3. Click on “Browse”, navigate to: Program Files -> Internet Explorer from your Root drive (usually C:\) and select “iexplore” as shown in the above figure and click on “OK”.
  4. Now click on “Next” and type any name for your shortcut. You can choose any name as per your choice; this will be your customized “Run command”. In this case I name my shortcut as “ie“. Click on “Finish”.
  5. You will see a shortcut named ie on your desktop. All you need to do is just copy this shortcut and paste it in your Windows folder (usually “C:/Windows”). Once you have copied the shortcut onto your Windows folder, you can delete the one on your Desktop.
  6. That’s it! From now on, just open the Run dialog box, type ie and hit Enter to open the Internet Explorer.
In this way you can create customized Run commands for any program of your choice. Say ff for Firefox, ym for Yahoo messenger, wmp for Windows media player and so on.
To do this, when you click on “Browse” in the Step-3, just select the target program’s main executable (.exe) file which will usually be located in the “C:\Program Files” folder. Give a simple and short name for this shortcut as per your choice and copy the shortcut file onto the Windows folder as usual. Now just type this short name in the Run dialog box to open the program.
I hope this post has helped you create your own Run commands and use them in your daily life. Pass your comments.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows and Mac

Have you accidentally deleted your files from the hard disk? Do you desperately need to recover the deleted files back in the original form? Well, you need not panic!
It is possible to recover the deleted files or data back from the hard disk  (even after you have Shift+Deleted)  provided you act as soon as you realize that the files are deleted and use the best deleted files recovery software.
In this post you will find a detailed information on how to recover the deleted files back from your Windows PC or Mac.

How Deleted File Recovery Process Works?

When you delete a file from your computer, (or even from the recycle bin) the file is not actually deleted. Unlike what most people think, whenever a file or data is deleted from your computer, it is not permanently vanished or dropped out from your hard disk. Even though the files appear to have been deleted, they can still be recovered successfully.
Let’s take up a small example of a book containing 50 pages. Suppose when you delete the page 25, assume that only the entry in the index which points to the page 25 is deleted and not actually the page 25 itself. Likewise, when you delete a file from your hard disk, only the pointer which points to this file is removed and not actually the file itself. This file still exists intact and is 100% possible to recover it back in the original condition. In this condition, the file becomes invisible and hence appears to have been deleted.
Recovering the deleted files 100% back in the original condition is very much dependent on the efficiency of the data recovery software you use. So, it is necessary to make a right choice when it comes to the selection of file recovery software.
Today, there exists hundreds of data recovery tools and software programs on the market which boast to recover 100% of all the deleted files back in the original condition. But in reality, most of these programs are neither effective nor capable of recovering your files back. So, when it comes to Data Recovery, I recommend the following program as the best:
Stellar Phoenix is one of the best company specializing in deleted files recovery services and solutions since 1993. Stellar’s Data Recovery Solutions encompasses a wide range of software for almost any data loss situation ranging from accidental formats to virus attacks to software malfunctions. Hence, Stellar provides the best tools to recover deleted files with over 1,000,000 satisfied customers across 137 countries.

What are the Chances of Recovering my Files Back?

Since the operating system doesn’t immediately re-use the space from the deleted files, it is most certainly possible to recover the deleted files back in 100% original condition. It may take up a very long time for those files to be completely deleted since the modern hard disks have ample capacity. Hence the chances are too less that the space from the deleted files are re-used immediately.
So, it is really worth to try out the file recovery software like Stellar Data Recovery for Windows or Stellar Data Recover for Mac. Some files are reported to have been recovered even after years of its deletion. However, for the best results, it is recommended that you use the file recovery software as immediately as possible.

Recovering the Deleted Files:

In order to recover the deleted files, all you need to do is perform a scan (search) for the deleted files using a File Recovery Software. Please be informed that there is no manual way to recover the deleted files. The Phoenix Data Recovery software performs a thorough scanning of the hard disk sector by sector and will locate the existence of deleted files to restore them back in the original condition. It is the only software that supports 185 popular file types including Windows NT Registry, JPEG, MP4, GIF, BMP and MS Word files. The software offers rich graphical support and incorporates advanced scanning methods to completely scan and recover deleted files from your hard drive. With this recovery software, it is possible to
  • Recover FAT16, FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file system partitions
  • Recover deleted emails
  • Recover deleted documents
  • Recover deleted photos
  • Recover deleted music
  • Formatted Hard-Drive recovery
  • Recover files from USB Drives, CDs, DVDs and memory cards
  • Recover almost all the camera format files
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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery (f

How to Clear your tracks on PC

Your computer is tracking all your actions and stores the evidence into your hard disk. Anyone else can see where you have been on Internet and the images, movies you have seen, even everything you did on your computer would leave traces on your computer, Perhaps you stumbled onto one or two adult Web sites. Perhaps by accident. Perhaps on purpose. And you don't want your husband/wife, dad/mom, boss/colleague or anyone else to know you've been there.

You can clear your history or empty your cache file in your browser's settings, but it will not protect you, some files can not be Erase.

Now its simple Single Click Complete Erasing! With only one click, Internet
History Eraser can clean up every trace of your Internet activity! Just
Choose what you want to erase, then click the Erase, and Internet History
Eraser will automatically remove all traces of your internet history!

How to Disable Autorun in Windows

Whenever you connect a removable media to your computer, the autorun feature of Windows comes into action and immediately provides you with many options including the ‘Open folder to view files’ option. Apart from the internet, most viruses and malware enter the system through infected removable media. Malicious programs malware and viruses usually infects the Autorun.inf file present on the removable media device. If you happen to connect an infected removable media device like USB to your computer and then make use of the ‘Open folder to view files’ option, the malware will get activated and thereby attack all the files of your system. The only way to deal with this problem is to disable the Autorun feature of Windows.
Here are the steps by step process to disable Autorun feature in Windows.
Step 1. First open Run dialogue box. Here you need to enter Gpedit.msc and then click on OK.

Step 2. You will now see the Local Group Policy Editor on your screen.

Step 3. On the Local Group Policy Editor, you need to click on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates> Windows Components. Under Windows Components, you will see AutoPlay Policies.

Step 4. When you click on AutoPlay Policies on the left, you will also see an option that says Turn off AutoPlay on the right. Click on it and then choose the Edit option.

Step 5. On the Turn off AutoPlay window, you need to select the Enabled option.

Step 6. Click on the Apply and OK buttons and to finish the disable Autorun feature on Windows 7. Also make sure you select the All drives option as shown on the screenshot of step no.5 in order to disable the Autorun feature on all drives.

How to Bypass Trial Period Expiration

Most of us are familiar with many softwares that run only for a specified period of time in the trial mode. Once the trial period is expired these softwares stop functioning and demand for a purchase. But today I will show you how you can run the software beyond their trial period.

How does this work?

Before I tell you how to hack the software and make it run in the trial mode forever, lets understand how this software works
When these softwares are installed for the first time, they make an entry into the Windows Registry with the details such as Installed Date and Time, installed path etc. After installation every time you run the software, it compares the current system date and time with the installed date and time. So, with this it can make out whether the trial period is expired or not.
So with this being the case, just manually changing the system date to an earlier date will not solve the problem. For this purpose there is a small Tool known as RunAsDate.
RunAsDate is a small utility that allows you to run a program in the date and time that you specify. This utility doesn’t change the current system date, but it only injects the date/time that you specify into the desired application.
RunAsDate intercepts the kernel API calls that returns the current date and time (GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, GetSystemTimeAsFileTime), and replaces the current date/time with the date/time that you specify. It works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7. It works with 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

To Run your Software Forever follow these Steps Carefully

You have to follow these tips carefully to successfully hack a software and make it run in it’s trial mode forever.
1. Note down the date and time, when you install the software for the first time.
2. Once the trial period expires, you must always run the software using RunAsDate.
3. After the trial period is expired, do not run the software(program) directly. If you run the software directlyeven once, this hack may no longer work.
4. To avoid any chances of runnung the software program directly, you can delete its shortcut from the desktop and create a new shortcut using runasdate and place it on the desktop.
5. It is better and safe to inject the date of the last day in the trial period.
For example, if the trial period expires on jan 30 2010, always inject the date as jan 29 2010 in the RunAsDate.
Note: This software won’t work with Anti virus as they run in Background.
I hope this helps! Please express your experience and opinions through comments.

How to control pc remotely for free With Chrome Remote Desktop

    Today I am going to share a Trick How to control Computers remotely with cross platform remote assistance using only Google Chrome. I don’t do this “commercially”, so my free tool of choice is TeamViewer. It’s free for non-commercial use, fast, and very easy to use even for people who don’t know very much about computers. But when I heard Google released something called Chrome Remote Desktop (Click Here), my curiosity was piqued, so I decided to give it a try. This add-on is interesting because you set it up within Chrome, but you can use it to control the entire computer remotely, not just the Chrome session.
    For a Chrome add-on, Remote Desktop is positively huge – it’s a 20MB download, so if you don’t have a fast connection, it might take a minute or two. Just for comparison, the latest version of TeamViewer weighs in at 4MB, so Chrome Remote Desktop is five times as big. Once you’re done downloading it, the add-on appears as a new button on your New Tab page. Clicking this button shows a somewhat-scary “extra permission” authorization page. Not a big deal for users who know what they’re doing, but if you’re guiding someone through the setup process over the phone, this might be a little stressful. You basically need to hit the Continue button:

    … and then the allow access button:
    And that’s it. Now you’re set up to remote control the computer, or use it to control other computers. When I guided a user through this setup process remotely, the trickiest part was actually getting them to see the Chrome Remote Desktop button on the New Tab page:
    The user was looking for a button for an add-on (by the address bar), so I had to guide them to the New Tab page. Other than that, it was a fairly smooth setup process.
    You can now either Share This Computer or access another computer:
    When you click Share This Computer, you will get a single 12-digit PIN code, which you can copy and paste into a chat session or even dictate over the phone:
    This is a nice simplification over TeamViewer, which uses a system of two codes (a user ID and a session password). With Chrome Remote Desktop, you have just a single number. To gain control over the computer, the other party needs to click the “access a shared computer” link on their Chrome Remote Desktop, and enter the PIN code:
    Once you click Connect, the remote desktop instantly materializes, and if the connection is fast enough, it even keeps Windows’ Aero interface on, with drop shadows and transparency:
    There’s a positively huge “Close Remote Desktop BETA” window that is always set on top, so that both you and the user sitting in front of the remote computer can terminate the session at any time. In fact, the window is so very large, that it sometimes gets in the way and needs to be moved around.

Is It Better Than TeamViewer?

    In a word – no. Chrome Remote Desktop is a larger download, and provides less options than TeamViewer (for example, it doesn’t support file transfer). But it does have two very important advantages that might make you use it instead of TeamViewer. The first is that it is entirely free, not just for non-commercial use, but for all use. The second key advantage is that it is fully cross-platform – it works on Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Chromebooks. In fact, I believe it is currently one of the only ways to remotely control a Chromebook computer.
    As a beta and a tech experiment, it is certainly impressive. I usually tend to see the browser as a sandbox of sorts – i.e, what happens in the browser stays in the browser. Chrome Remote Desktop definitely breaks that perception, and shows that Chrome can reach deep into your system if you only let it.
    What is your preferred remote access solution? Will you be giving Chrome Remote Desktop a spin? Let me know your thoughts below!

How To Customize folders with different colors in Windows

There are many softwares available today over the internet which can Customize your Computer in an efficient manner that it looks so attractive as well as it becomes very easy to use. We always want our computer to be clean and well organized so that whenever we need to access something or need to search a particular file/folder in our computer we could find it easily.

As similar to that, here I am going to share a software through which you can easily assign your favorite colors to your desired folders in order to differentiate them easily and to ease of access.

How do i Customize folders with different colors ?

Just follow the two simple steps given below to customize your folder :

Step 1 :

First of all Download and install the software FolderColorizer. It is tested and 100% virus free. You can download it from here : DOWNLOAD FOLDERCOLORIZER 

Step 2 :

Now after installing the software, simply right click on any folder which you wish to customize. Here when you right click on folder, you will see a new option in the context menu i.e. Colorize !. Now simply go to that option and one submenu will appear. Now choose any color you want to assign to this folder.
Although it is a free software for everyone to use it but while you will use this software for the very first time , it will just ask your email id for activation of this software. But no need to worry because you wont need to confirm the activation by logging in to your e mail account. Even if you don’t wish to share your e mail id with developers of this software you can do it because product will be activated automatically once you enter any email id. So you can also enter any fake id if you want.
 For your convenience I am providing you a screenshot of above mentioned procedure for changing folder color

In this way you will be able to easily organize folders in any of your drive weather C: , D: or any other drive. You can also assign different colors to several folders in the same drive to give it more attractive and cool looks.

Latest Google Chrome – 64 bit- Download

Google Chrome

Google chrome 64 bit is a web browser created by Google. It is one of the best browsers and is widely used by users around the globe. The browser can be installed quickly and easily. Chrome is fast and provides a hassle-free browsing experience.
The functions available on the browser are user-friendly so that you do not have to go too far to access your bookmarks or check your history. The browser supports advanced technology and uses latest extensions and plugins to give you a great browsing experience.
Users also have an incognito mode available if they would like to browse the internet without leaving your footprint in the history of your browser. The browser can be downloaded for free and is compatible on Windows as well as Mac operating system. Regular updates to the browser will also be downloaded automatically. You will notice a faster and smoother browsing experience while using the 64 bit Google Chrome.
Download Google Chrome

15 Best Google Chrome Valentine Themes and Apps

Valentine’s Day is a day for love. No matter if it is your spouse, significant other, child, or even your pet, it is a day to celebrate what is in your heart. Since the holiday is soon approaching, what better way to get in the mood than with some cool themes, extensions, and apps for your Chrome browser?

Dress It Up with Love

For the Whimsical

Valentine Love Doodles gives you a lovely ivory background with cartoon-style gifts, hearts, teddy bears, and balloon kisses. The nice red stripe through the top of the browser lets your tabs, toolbar, and menu items still stand out so they are easy to read.
Similar to the Valentine Love Doodles theme, Valentine Love Fonts and Letters has the pretty red section at the top. However, it has some bolder fonts, colors, and hearts with the word “love”. This one is perfect for putting that affection right in your face.

For the Loving Couples

Valentine Couple in Love Drinking Tea is a cute theme in pink and purple for your tabs and toolbar. The toolbar text automatically changes to purple and the adorable young boy and girl enjoy sipping tea with a couple of sweet bunnies.
For something a little more artsy, Valentine Couple in Love Under the Moon is an attractive theme. Again, your tabs and toolbar appear in an appealing deep red which nicely offsets the black and white creative picture of the couple holding hands.

For the Artistic

Love Smoke is a deep purple and black theme that is quite attractive. The blazing heart of smoke and flames is representative of a deep love and the beautiful purple color for your tabs and toolbar matches perfectly. This is a sharp Valentine’s Day theme.
For a simple, yet attractive theme, Love is Love is a great option. This one offers a dark gray background with lighter gray for the tabs and toolbar. A splash of paint let behind the text “Love is Love, pure and natural for all” adds an eye-catching touch. For those not into the pinks and purples, this is a good-looking theme.

Waiting for the Special Day

For Cute Tools

Countdown Extension is a handy way to count the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until Valentine’s Day. With two different display options for the holiday countdown, you can pick the blue one and tweet some kindness right from the extension. Or, select the purple color to display a beating heart. As a bonus, there is an Easter theme, so you can hold onto this one even after Valentine’s Day passes.
For adding little cupids to any Web page you visit, Valentize is there for you. Just tap the button in your toolbar and presto, tons of cute cupids with their arrows will appear. And that’s not all. You will also see the background of the page change to candy hearts, hear some sweet music, and see small animations when you click on the page. It does not seem that you can make all of this disappear once you hit the button, but if you refresh the page it will go back to normal.

For Playing Around

There is no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than by creating pairs. Valentine Mahjong from gives you jewels, cupids, flowers, and lovebirds on your game tiles which are shaped in a heart. Make your matches, get a hint when needed, shuffle when you get stuck, and use full screen mode for the big picture. Can you score this Valentine’s Day?
For the lonely hearts, Solitaire Valentine from might be just what the doctor ordered. With a stunning, deep-colored background and cards with champagne, bows, and kisses, you can enjoy a classic game of Klondike Solitaire.
Fans of Backgammon can play with a terrific themed game this Valentine’s Day. From is Backgammon Valentine complete with hearts and rings as the pieces. You can set the difficulty, choose whether or not to use a doubling cube, and select the number to play up to, all very easily. So, roll the dice this loving holiday with a fun game.
Valentine Word Search from will have you literally searching for love. Look for the Valentine’s Day related words and just drag through the letters to complete your find. You can play in full screen mode for some extra space and even print the puzzles to use a pen instead.
Number puzzle fanatics will have a good time with Valentine Sudoku from This game brings cute teddy bears, cupids, bunnies, and hearts to the Sudoku board. Each number has a picture with it, providing you with an adorable themed Sudoku this Valentine’s Day. You can also pause, print, and view the game in full screen mode.
If you are one of those people who are on the adult coloring bandwagon and use it as a stress release, then Valentine Coloring Game from is for you. From a box of chocolate to a cute cupid to a couple of hearts, you can color your anxiety away. This app also has pictures for Easter, Christmas, dinosaurs, and flowers so you can use it beyond Valentine’s Day.
For a neat game when you have a few minutes to spare, Bubble Cupid will have you shooting the cherub’s arrow. As the hearts, gifts, and bubbles of love fall slowly, shoot your arrow to create matches of three or more to eliminate them from the board. Work your way to the top by popping bubbles, watch out for rocks that are in the way, and use bombs to clear the row. Score as high as you can and level up to continue on.

Do You Dress Up Chrome for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day comes only once a year, so celebrate the love in your heart with these terrific themes and tools. Do you have a special holiday app that you like to use for Chrome? Or, do you prefer to stay away from Valentine’s Day all together? Share some love in the comments below!