Opera Mini 7.5.4 Handler Android APK

Download Opera Mini Handler 7.5.4 Opera Mini 7.5.4 HandlerUI Dzebbs’ Android with this application you will get free internet on any operator and any country because it has a particularly hadler menu so you can place your favorite trick and so too you can surf with greater speed, due to its new and recent update which includes nuebo bost turbo, makes this application handler the most effective and more used to bloggers in the world of free internet.

Changes in Opera Mini 7.5.4 Handler for Android APK
1) New Skin for high resolution devices
2) New Skin from right to left
3) Three new Android notifications added
4) Fixed issue with the conformation in Farsi
5) Fixed issue with the settings to disable the Smart page
6) pages are not rendered properly when used at runtime ART
7) SET_PREFERRED_APPLICATIONS permission Eliminated


Opera Mini 7.5.4 Handler for Android APK Additional Features
1) Phone custom user agent.
2) Servers Custom.
3) This version overwrites the Opera Mini, if you want to co-exist version.
4) Child unlock code: www.nextwap.net
5) Direct download link avaible below