How to Stop YouTube Recommendations on Videos

Tired of browsing through your YouTube subscriptions only to find that YouTube keeps recommending different channels that you don’t care about? And no matter how many times you click X on them, they keep coming back!
There are three things you can do to stop it once and for all.

Method 1: Clear your YouTube history

YouTube bases its recommendations based on your viewing and search history, so once you disable both of those features, YouTube has no data to use for recommendations.
  • Scroll to the bottom of YouTube and click History.
  • Under Watch History, click Clear all watch history.
  • Then click Pause watch history.
  • Under Search History, click Clear all search history.
  • Then click Pause search history.

Method 2: Block individual channels

You can also block certain channel recommendations from recurring.
  • Click the menu under one of the channel’s videos thumbnails and select Not interested.
  • When prompted, click Tell us why.
  • In the short survey, select…
    • I don’t like the video.
    • I’m not interested in this channel.
    • I’m not interested in recommendations based on…
  • Click Submit and you’re done.

Method 3: Use an element blocker

On Chrome, you can use an extension like CustomBlocker to detect user-defined HTML elements and prevent them from showing up.

In this case, you’d use the above filtering rules to automatically block any channel recommendations that YouTube might have for you. Similar extensions may or may not exist on other browsers.
Once that’s solved, you may want to look into speeding up YouTube buffering problems. Regardless of how annoying YouTube can be at times, it’s amazing how much of a hold it has on the Internet. Our lives would be worse without it.

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