Share Spotify With 5 Family Members for Only $15

Up until recently, Spotify’s family membership options would cost you an extra $5 per person, for up to four extra accounts. In May, Spotify made a major change to its family membership plans making it far more affordable.
With the new setup, Spotify’s family membership accounts now only cost $15 and you can have a total of six individual accounts charged to just one member. This puts Spotify in the same price range as Google Play Music and Apple Music.
The family plan comes with all the standard premium features, including offline listening and ad-free listening. With the family plan, each account can create its own playlists and get personal recommendations.
If you’re already on the family plan, you should have been automatically switched over to the new payment plan. If you’re not, this is how to go about it.

Using a browser, go to while logged in to your Spotify account and click the “Get Started” button. After entering your payment information, you can invite five other people to your Spotify account. All you need to do this is the email address they use with Spotify.
After the initial setup, you can add and remove users by going to You’ll find “Manage your family accounts” and from there you can add or remove users.
Family members have to reside at the same address. If a family member already has a premium account, they will no longer be charged once they accept an invitation to a family membership.
To find out more about how it all works, check out Spotify’s FAQ.
Have you tried Spotify family membership? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.