How to Get Around Sites That Block Your Right-Clicks

Though not quite annoying as pop-up browser ads, sites that block you from right-clicking are still found on the Web. These sites typically contain original images or perhaps some text that the site owner doesn’t want you to copy for whatever reason.
However, they’re not really protecting any content on their site by doing this, as Stack Overflow users have explained. All this behavior ends up doing is upsetting visitors like you and me.
If you don’t immediately leave the next time you encounter a site like this, here’s a way for you to combat it!
The JavaScript code to re-enable right clicking is as follows:
You’ll want to create a useful browser bookmarklet for this command so it’s accessible right away without you having to remember the code. To do this, just highlight and drag this text up to your bookmarks bar or other favorite folder.
If you don’t want to drag and drop, you can also click on your bookmarks bar, add a bookmark (Add page in Chrome) and make sure the URL is the code above. The name can be whatever you’d like.
You shouldn’t run into sites that do this very often, but if it’s a constant issue for you, a browser extension will fix you right up — try RightToCopy on Chrome and RightToClick for Firefox. These add-ons also prevent sites from annoyingly adding extra text when you copy something, such as “Taken from”
Don’t forget that though it’s annoying, sometimes website owners don’t want you to right-click because their images are copyrighted. Having this override doesn’t mean you should use images that don’t belong to you!
Do you still encounter sites that block right-clicking? Let us know if you need these extensions by leaving a comment!