15 Free Handwriting Fonts Download

While there are thousands of free fonts available for download online, sometimes it can be really hard to wade through everything that’s available.
We’ve put together a list of 15 great handwriting fonts — hand-lettered, brush, and calligraphic — and most of these fonts are downloadable with no strings attached, and can be used for commercial purposes. In some cases you may have to share your email address in order to download the font.

1. Cavorting

Cavorting is a great hand-lettered brush font that is available for free both for personal and commercial use. If you want to get the same effect in the screenshot below using Photoshop, check out this tutorial. This trick will come in handy with quite a few of the fonts on this list.

2. Mathlete

Available in four styles, Mathlete can also be used in both personal and commercial work. The font is only available as capital letters. As the example below shows, this is a great choice for address labels as it has a handwritten feel but is very legible, and includes a ton of glyphs.

3. Sunn

Sunn is similar to Mathlete, with the difference of being a little more clean looking. To download Sunn you will have to provide your email address. There is an extended version of the font for just $4.95 with additional typefaces and Cyrillic letters.

4. Mighty Type

Mighty Type is available as a free download, but you do have to provide your email address to get the font. Mighty Type can be used on personal and commercial projects.

5. Barokah

Available as a regular and bold font, Barokah can be used for personal and commercial projects. The font would fit right in with a comic book design.

6. Arabella

This demo font is available for free and commercial use. To download Arabella, you will have to provide your email address.

7. Cutepunk

Cutepunk has a great vintage feel to it, and you can download the font for free with no strings attached. It comes with three typefaces – regular, light, and bold – and the font can be used for personal or commercial use.

8. Skinny

If you want something like Cutepunk but with an even more authentic handwritten or child-like look, give Skinny a try. The font is only available in capital letters.

9. Waterlily

Waterlily is another attractive free brush font that works really well with the tutorial linked to above on how to make your fonts look like they were watercolored with Photoshop. The font, which includes all glyphs, is available for personal or commercial use.

10. Mf I Love Glitter

This cursive font is available only for personal use but has a cute little feature that is rare in free fonts. Using the bracket, underscore, asterisks, and vertical bars, you can add little hearts and swirls attached to your text. Find out more about how to do that here.

11. Sophia

Available for free for both personal and commercial use, this calligraphy font also has an interesting feature. With two additional typefaces, you can add swirls to the beginning and end of each of your words or sentences.

12. BlowBrush

BlowBrush is another great brush hand lettered font but one that really stands apart from the rest that tend to be more swirly calligraphy fonts. The font is free for personal or commercial use.

13. Skrawk

For a scribbled or scrawled look that would go great with a design for kids or for scrapbooking, Skrawk is available for personal or commercial use.

14. Tragic Marker

Tragic Marker is a great choice if you’re looking for a hand lettered font that looks like it was written using a marker. The font is available for personal or commercial use. Using a marker like brush on Photoshop you could add that marker feel to the text as well using the tutorial listed earlier in this article.

15. Banthers

Available for free for both commercial and personal use, Banthers is a great option for a vintage or grunge look.