Unlock Windows 8 Search in Windows 10

Do you miss the Windows 8 and 8.1 search box that use to slide out from the side of the screen? In Windows 10, the search box lives at the bottom of the screen and it works with Cortana. It works well enough, but if you want to bring back the old search, there is a way!
First, open Windows Explorer. Now, right-click your desktop (or wherever you’ll want the Windows 8 search feature to live) and click New, then Shortcut. From there, copy and paste the following into the field asking for a path:
%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe -sta {C90FB8CA-3295-4462-A721-2935E83694BA}
Give the shortcut a name — something like “Windows 8 Search” would make sense. Whenever you launch this shortcut, the search box will pop out of the side of the screen and function as it did in Windows 8.
Search Pane 2016-04-27 16.21.10
If you want to make it more accessible, you can create a keyboard shortcut to launch it. To do so, right-click on your new shortcut, then select Properties. Click in the “Shortcut” field, and tap the keyboard shortcut you’d like to use. Now, pressing those buttons will cause the Windows 8 search to launch. It’s that easy!
Is there any particular Windows 8 feature you miss or are you happy with Windows 10? Or are you still running an even older version of Windows? Let us know in the comments!