LG V10 problems and solutions


LG V10 battery problems: simple solutions

Your V10 should have enough battery to get you through a typical day with plenty of charge to spare. If that isn’t happening and you aren’t hammering your device with power-hungry apps, the problem is likely to be caused by software: the battery in your LG isn’t old enough to suffer from the inevitable decline that all aging batteries eventually experience.
Start with the basics first: do you have the screen turned up to full brightness? Big screens demand big amounts of power, so dimming the display can make a big difference.
Have a look in Settings to see what apps are using GPS, too, as that’s another famous battery killer: you’ll find that in addition to Maps, apps such as Facebook and Twitter use your location too. You can change that by going into Settings > Location > Mode and selecting Battery Saving, which cuts down GPS use dramatically. You only really need the most demanding setting, High Accuracy, if you’re using your LG to track runs and other outdoor activities.

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LG V10 battery problems: find bad apps

In many cases excessive battery drain isn’t your fault: it’s often the result of an app using more power than it should. The good news is that there’s an easy way to find such apps, and that’s to go into Settings > Device > Battery.
That shows you which apps and services are using the most battery power. If an app is using more power than the display then that’s a pretty big hint that you’ve got a rogue app. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app often solves the problem, which is often the result of a bug, but if the problem recurs it’s worth giving the app the boot permanently.
There are two other things to try when battery life isn’t as good as you’d like. First, go into Settings > Networks > Mobile Data and then tap the Menu icon. Here you’ll find an option to restrict background data. Selecting this prevents apps from fetching data in the background, which is useful to reduce battery drain – if an app’s syncing, it’s using power – and also useful if you’re on a metered data connection.
It’s also worth looking in Settings > General > Accounts & Sync to see if any apps are set to sync automatically. If you don’t need them to do so, stop them from syncing.

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LG V10 Wi-Fi can’t connect

There are several potential issues if you can't connect to Wi-Fi on your LG V10. One is a known bug, which removing the microSD card, restarting the device and then reconnecting solves, although it won't go away for good until the Android Marshmallow update ships.
The more likely culprit is the infamous Wi-Fi problem that seems to affect every Android device, where you suddenly can’t connect to favorite networks. In many cases the culprit for that one is your router and a reboot fixes it; if that doesn’t work, try restarting your device. Still no joy? Forget the network in Settings and try adding it from scratch.

LG V10 connects to Wi-Fi but can't use internet

This is usually a problem with the router, where it’s happily giving your LG a Wi-Fi connection but doesn’t have an internet connection to share. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred a reboot of the router and device fixes it.
Another common one is when you’re connecting to a public Wi-Fi network for email, WhatsApp or similar: your LG seems connected but nothing’s happening.
If that’s the case, open your web browser and try a page such as Google.com: many public and corporate Wi-Fi connections use browser-based authentication, which means you need to enter your login details in the web browser before any data can be transferred.


LG V10 feels hot

Smartphones get hot in all kinds of circumstances: when they’re charging, when you’re doing something that’s really pushing the processor, if it’s sitting somewhere warm. A hot device isn’t necessarily a sign of a problem, but it’s not something you want to have happen too often.

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If you aren’t pushing your LG especially hard and it’s worryingly warm, try using it without a case, keep it out of direct sunlight and make sure you’re using an official charger for your device. We’ve heard stacks of stories where cheap no-name chargers did their best to turn people’s expensive smartphones into molten plastic.
Have you encountered any other LG V10 problems? Did you solve them, or are you still searching for a fix? Let us know below!