Well well, who doesnt want a ROM with goodies from both a Tablet UI and Smartphone UI ? i dont see many hands going up ! but sadly, in the past, we had to make it fully tablet, or fully phone. it was messy, and messed up the whole screen, which made it impossible to anything like that. Not anymore ! Paranoid Android is here to get your back. This sexy peice of softwares lets you easily swith between tablet and phone UI, and also offers a Hybrid of both. yes, u arent in heaven, this is happening on earth itself !! 

Well, the list is very long. so ill quote the developer:
Best part:
  • Easy switching between both modes
  • No problemo with any tablet mode
  • Apps can run on any mode, tablet or phone. can be configured.
  • Hybrid, with best stuff from both tablet and phone layout.
  • An exclusive feel of awesomeness.
  • Unique android layout
  • Simple awesomeness.
  • Use apps the way you want, tablet or phone.
  • i think u should just check out the Site  for paranoid Android.
Buggies, tiny little devils:
  • some apps like camera are not fit for tablet mode. make them in phone mode.
  • based on older CM9 for optimus one. so bugs which are solved in CM9, arent yet solved in this…
  • Its developement seems to have dies out, but the sheer amazingness and innovative-ness of the ROM makes it one of the best.
  • not bug free at all.
  • no mentioned bugs, but do expect plenty.
  • not perfectly suitable for daily use, use caution. and brains.
  • no panaroma
  • all other bugs which CM9 has/had.
  • Not Absolutely stable.
So, to be frank, this might be used as an everyday ROM but only if you have paitience and tollerance, AS OF YET. If its updated, then lo and behold, this might just become the best ICS ROM out there ! 😀 so gon on, get it, and do rock and roll !
Note: Remember to check out the xda thread for more goodies and Easter eggs !
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