How to Install Custom Sound Mods on Android Device

Customization power of Android is the one thing that gives edge over other mobile operating systems in the market. An Android user can customize even the minute detail of the OS like the notification bar colour or the transition animations. While other mobile platform users are stuck with the out-of-the box features for eternity, Android users explore the depths of flexibility and customize their device to suit their personality.

It’s a safe bet that any Android user will not stick to the out-of-the-box features forever. As soon as we get a device, we’ll start customizing the wallpapers, choosing the better ringtone, picking a beautiful launcher and there’s much more to add to this list. You can push the limits of customizing an Android device to another level if you’re all set to root a device.
Rooting a device lets you install various apps and mods which will modify the system files as well giving you a wider scope for customization. Today we will provide a long list of notification and sound mods which will change the system wide notification tones and ringtones. Thanks to justen7723 of XDA for sharing the huge database of sound mods with us. These mods are packed in flashable zip files, so you can flash them using any custom recovery of your choice. The sound packs are universal and should work on any AOSP based ROM or device, but be sure to make a nandroid backup of your device before you continue.
Download the sound mod(s) of your choice and follow the below link to know about how to flash these zips files using a custom recovery.

Download Sound Mods

DevHost Mirror for All Sound Mods
Stock sound mod (4.3.x)
Stock sound mod (4.4.x)
Developer Edition sound mod
HTC One sound mod
Oppo N1 sound mod
Oppo Find 5 sound mod
LG G2 sound mod
Galaxy S3/S4 sound mod
Note 2/Note 3 sound mod
Xperia T sound mod
Xperia Z1 sound mod
MIUI sound mod
Star wars sound mod
Star wars Vader sound mod
Star Trek sound mod
Halo sound mod
Cartoon style sound mod
Portal sound mod
Assassins Creed sound mod
Transformers sound mod
Ironman sound mod
Mass effect sound mod
Resident Evil sound mod
Dead space sound mod
Crysis sound mod
Super Mario Bros sound mod
Zelda sound mod
Metroid sound mod
Tron sound mod
Wolverine sound mod
Pacman sound mod
That’s a long list, right? Download the sound mod of your choice and flash it with any custom recovery.

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