How To Install CM13 on Android One Device

Though the unofficial support for Android One device for CM13 is already available, but now with the official support you could expect Nightlies to be rolling out very soon. So you would receive all the latest updates by Cyanogen team instantly. The Nightlies are not yet available on the CyanogenMod website, but they would be there very soon, so for future updates follow this link. Until then you could try the latest build of CM13 given below.
As the development of the CM13 is still in its early stages, you might face few issues while using the ROM. So, before you proceed, keep this in mind and also make sure to backup you current ROM. So that you could restore to it if you face issues with the ROM given below.

How To Install CM13 on Android One Device

In order to install CM13 on your Android One devices, you would need a custom recovery like TWRP or CWM to be installed on your device. If you already have it installed your device, jump to next section else follow the guide linked here to install a Custom Recovery on your Android One device.


  • Cm13_5_dec_2015|Link
  • Google Apps for Marshmallow
    • Open Gapps — Download
    • More Marshmallow compatible Google Apps | Download

Steps To Follow

  1. Make sure you have the device codenamed Sprout4.
  2. Download the zip file linked above.
  3. Copy the zip file to your device.
  4. Boot your device into custom recovery.
  5. Select Wipe, check mark Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache and System, then swipe to confirm the Wipes.
  6. Now go back to the homepage of the custom recovery and select Install, browse the zip you copied to your device and then confirm to install it.
  7. Once the installation is complete flash Gapps package before booting into the system. To do so, select install > browse for the Gapps package you have downloaded and then confirm  to install it.
  8. Now Reboot and Enjoy.
Enjoy official support from CM team for CM13 for Android One device. Do let us know about the issues you face while installing the ROM in the comments section below.