How To Fix LTE Not Working Issue on OnePlus One

Updates are not always a good news for most of the Android devices. Every update along with new features usually bring unforeseen errors and bugs. Unfortunately it is true for the 2014 flagship killer, OnePlus one. It recently got Cyanogen update 12.1v and it has got its own issues. The build version is found to be YOG4PAS1NO

However, advanced users have noted that this OS update has brought many good changes including improved responsiveness and general performance. With the LTE non-functionality being the only issue, the users of OnePlus one can sigh relief and follow these simple steps to win back your LTE speed.


  1.  Find your settings. Go to, Mobile network.  Now tap to, restore defaults. The list should show you APN’s. Choose the correct APN.
  2. Now go to Settings, then Mobile Networks and tap, Network operators, and then click choose automatically.
  3. Toggle Airplane mode on and off. Ensure that you are connected WiFi.
  4. Restart your phone.
  5. Go to Phone Dialer, and dial *#*#4636#*#* to choose phone information.
  6. Then set the preferred type to LTE/GSM auto (PRL)
  7. Restart the phone radio and go to the SMSC and click Refresh and tap, Update.
After these steps you should have your LTE functionality back in order. If it still doesn’t work out head down to other fix mentioned below.

Other Fixes

  1. If your compass is not working or showing you incorrect readings, you have to calibrate your compass by rotating as per the instructions.
  2. Quick toggles if missing when enabled, you just have to re-add the Quick toggles.
  3. Sometimes even with data signal and correct APN setting you just get emergency calls as an option in quick toggles, to correct this, Go to Settings. Tap mobile networks, and then mobile operators. Now make sure you are connected by Wi-Fi. Now opt for, automatic.
  4. Restart your phone.
That’s it you’re done. If you have got more bugs or have better solutions post them in the comments below.