Fix Hard Bricked on Any Android Device

Hello freenetcracker is about to show you a simple way to fix hardware brick on any android device .Firstly you can try it on any android device it work,if your android device jest turn off and wont tun on again don't panic jest follow this simple steps your device will com back to life.How To Fix Soft Bricked on andriod device
1.Remove The Battery
 When something like this happen, you have to remove the battery fast to prevent more board damage.Some andriod phone bricked when flashing custom roms ,and others jest turn off and wont turn on again neither one of this jest happen to your devise jest remove the battery for safety.
2.Open the back cover carefully and remove the board from the case 
3. Wash the murther board with spirit water and keep it on cool  dry plays about two weeks .
4. Rearrange your device and insert your battery make sure your battery is not dead  press your power bottom and your devise will come back to life