15 best android root apps


Best superuser app: SuperSU

If you're rooted you need SuperSU. The two go hand in hand and while you can avoid SuperSU, there's no reason that you would want to. It's by far the best root assistant around, to the extent that many rootable kernels have you install SuperSU by default.
Essentially Super SU manages the apps you give superuser permissions to, but there's a bunch of other cool stuff to discover as well.

AndroidPIT root apps SuperSU 
SuperSU Install on Google Play

Best ad blocker app: AdBlock Plus

This is another of the first things any rooted Android owner should do: get an ad blocker. The websites you love are largely paid for by advertising, but if you're the sort of entitled brat who couldn't care less about the financial well-being of their favorite tech sites, then look no further than AdBlock Plus, the original and best ad blocker for Android. After years of exile, you can now grab the AdBlock browser directly from the Play Store.

adblock browser 
Adblock Browser for Android Install on Google Play

Best app for removing bloatware: System App Remover

The second thing any rooted Android user should do is remove those pre-installed system apps – also known a bloatware – that come with most new phones and waste precious internal storage and system resources.
Unfortunately, there's no easy way to recover the memory they're occupying but you can remove them to stop the drain on your battery and CPU. System App Remover is a great tool for this.

AndroidPIT root apps System App Remover 
System app remover (ROOT) Install on Google Play

Best app for audio control: Viper4AndroidFX

If you're serious about the audio output of your rooted Android phone then Viper4Adnroid FX is the root app you want. It has too many features to list here, but you can go nuts with EQ mode settings, get near-lossless sound quality, optimize your speaker output, get Hi-Fi sound on your headphones and manage system audio settings to work on any third-party or system app.
Get the latest supported version from XDA Developers.

AndroidPIT root apps viper4android fx 

Best backup app: Titanium Backup

Backups are an essential part of any rooted phone owners repertoire. And backup solutions don't get much better than Titanium Backup, especially once you're rooted. Before you start delving into system mods, ROMs and other tweaks, it's always a good idea to do a full backup before you proceed, just in case things go haywire. Titanium takes the pain out of making and managing backups.

AndroidPIT root apps Titanium Backup 
Titanium Backup ★ root Install on Google Play

Best app for battery optimization: Greenify

Greenify is pretty fantastic even without root, but with root privileges it really comes into its own. Greenify is an app-hibernation tool. It essentially lets you take control over when apps are awake (and consuming system resources) and when to put them to bed. The latest update even includes a 'Shallow Hibernation' engine for Android Marshmallow.

AndroidPIT root apps Greenify
Greenify is one of the best apps on Android and it's even better with root.
Greenify Install on Google Play

Best app for system automation: Tasker

Tasker is the Lord of the Rings of root apps. It's big, it's complex and a little daunting, but if you can commit yourself to it fully, you'll be repaid in full. Tasker is a full system automation app that can automate anything you do regularly with your Android phone, from setting up scheduled activities to automating tasks in apps.

AndroidPIT root apps tasker
Tasker automates actions based on specific triggers. / 
Tasker Install on Google Play

Best app for recovering lost files: DiskDigger

We're huge fans of recovering lost SMS, photos, files and data, and once you're rooted there are even more solutions to the problem. If you've accidentally deleted photos, files or something else off your phone, DiskDigger can instantly recover it without losing a second (which is important in these situations).

AndroidPIT root apps diskdigger
With root, you can recover lost files with just your phone and an app.
DiskDigger undelete (root) Install on Google Play

Best app for battery management: BetterBatteryStats

Who doesn't love a good battery stat? OK, maybe not most people, but I'll assume that if you're the type of Android owner who wants to root your phone, you might have an above-average interest in critical system things like battery consumption.
Better Battery Stats offers just that: a much more detailed and informative breakdown of what's using your battery. A lot of this comes stock in Android Marshmallow but if you don't have that update yet, this is the next best thing.

AndroidPIT root apps Better Battery Stats
The kind of stuff nerd's dreams are made of, mine included.
BetterBatteryStats Install on Google Play

Best root file manager: ES File Explorer

No root user should be without a quality file manager. There are a lot of solid file explorers around, such as Total Commander and Cabinet, but my personal favorite is still ES File Explorer.
You can also invest in a root-only file manager, but most file managers have a root explorer included. It's really just a case of finding one that you like the look and feel of.

AndroidPIT ES File Explorer device system
ES File Explorer is the default best file manager on Android. /
ES File Explorer File Manager Install on Google Play

Best app for multiple device owners: DataSync

DataSync is one of those voodoo features that you wouldn't have believed existed a short time ago, but it's a root ability that's been around for a while. DataSync lets you sync your devices together so you can put one down and pick another up at exactly the same point.
That means that you can pick up your tablet when you get home and continue reading that book you were into on the train, plus a whole lot more.

AndroidPIT root apps DataSync
DataSync lets you sync multiple devices via Wi-Fi, the cloud or even 
DataSync Install on Google Play

Best app for managing custom ROMs: ROM Manager

If you're rooted and you want to start delving into the wonderful world of custom ROMs and kernels, then ROM Manager is a must-have root app. It's basically the one app to rule them all, helping you manage recoveries, ROMs and kernels: basically everything a rooted tweaker could possibly need to keep track of.
There's also a premium version with even more advanced features.

AndroidPIT root apps ROM Manager
If you get into ROMs, kernels and recoveries, ROM Manager can keep track of them all for
ROM Manager Install on Google Play

Best app for screen recording: Rec

Screen recording may not be useful for the vast majority of Android owners, but for some, it's critical. If you're a gamer, bug-catcher or general go-to-guy for all your friends with Android problems, then being able to screen record is a real bonus. And Rec is the best root app for that.
Watch your descriptive language skills disappear as you say everything with recorded actions rather than words.

AndroidPIT root apps Rec
Stil the simplest, best and most functional screen recording app we've found. 
Rec. (Screen Recorder) Install on Google Play

Best app for CPU and kernel tweaks: Device Control

If you're rooted you now have the ability to over-clock or under-volt your Android. These terms basically mean pumping more power into your CPU or limiting the amount of juice your battery uses. Device Control gives you these options and plenty more, including sound and display management, a build.prop editor and Tasker integration.

AndroidPIT root apps device control
Device Control gives you access to all the best bits of a
Device Control [root] Install on Google Play

Best app for managing internal storage: SD Maid

Internal storage is always going to present problems, especially for those of us with a rather obsessive relationship to new apps and modifications. With root access, SD Maid takes control of any ghost files or folders left remaining after you've deleted data.
It also comes with a file browser, search tool and app management options to help you free up every inch of internal storage without wasting a KB.

AndroidPIT root apps SD Maid
Never lose a MB to leftover files or folders again with SD 
SD Maid - System Cleaning Tool Install on Google Play What is your favorite root app? What's the best thing about having root? Let us know in the comments.