Top 10 Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Today I am share top best and free wordpress gallery plugins. WordPress is the best platform for new bloggers and also best platform for who is not understanding any coding languages. WordPress provides to the already built free responsive themes and free responsive plugins. WordPress have lots of free themes and free plugins which has support in both desktop and mobile.
WordPress have very simple platform which anyone have install and setup his websites and its best support to the users so everyone tell wordpress is user friendly platform.
WordPress provides best service to users like wordpress plugins which is very useful to all users. I know new bloggers are confuse what is wordpress plugins, so don’t worry here I have explain. WordPress plugin allow user to create best features and functionality of website for example someone want to create photo gallery in his website so use wordpress gallery plugin or someone want to create table so use wordpress table plugin or someone want to create app box so use wordpress app box plugin etc.. in wordpress have lots of different categories plugins and most of all free and user friendly.  Today I am share Best Free WordPress Gallery Plugins.
In wordpress gallery plugins also available different categories like wordpress photo gallery plugin, wordpress video gallery plugin, wordpress slider gallery plugin, wordpress portfolio gallery plugin and so on..

Best Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Here I have describe top 10 best free and responsive wordpress gallery plugins with description and features and direct download link. So checkout my new post best free wordpress gallery plugins.  

1) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Gallery

gallery trickshack

Gallery plugin is the advance wordpress plugin in wordpress gallery plugin with lots of new features and functionality for adding and editing images for different views and also it’s fully responsive.
Gallery wordpress plugin provides adding different image galleries and albums to different posts and pages as well as multiple widgets. You can add images, description related to images, tags related to images all of organize to different albums.
1) Gallery plugin it’s 100% responsive.
2) Gallery plugin provides views to choose from Thumbnails, Image Browser, Slideshow for galleries and compact album for albums.
3) Gallery plugin supports JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF types of image files.
4) Unlimited quantity of photos in gallery.
5) Thumbnail editing tools like crop, rotate and flip.
6) Audio track playback possibility with the image slideshow.
Developer: webdorado
Price: Free

2) WordPress Gallery Plugin : NextGEN Gallery


NextGEN gallery plugin is the one of most popular and maximum download plugin in wordpress gallery plugin.
NextGEN gallery plugin provides powerful engines for managing and editing images with ability to upload new images also import meta description and edit, delete, rearrange images into albums. Also provide slideshow at homepage into wordpress websites.
1) NextGEnN plugin provide single location where you can see and manage all your photos.
2) Turn thumbnail cropping on and off, customize how individual thumbnails are cropped, and bulk resize thumbnails across one or more galleries.
3) Edit Individual Images. Edit meta data and image tags, rotate images, and exclude images.
Developer: photocrati
Price: Free

3) WordPress Gallery Plugin : BestWebSoft Gallery

bestwebsoft trickshack

BestWebSoft gallery plugin is powerful and more user-friendly plugin in wordpress gallery plugin. BestWebSoft plugin provides lots of facility like we can implement as many galleries as we want into our website. We can describe meta description of each image and also describe combine meta description of all images at single place.
1) Upload any number of photos in the gallery with description.
2) View pictures as a slide show and in a full size.
3) Add comments to a gallery.
4) Add images from wordpress media library.
Developer: bestwebsoft
Price: Free

4) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Grand Flagallery


Grand Flagallery is the best wordpress gallery plugin, its provide easily upload images, create music and vedio playlists, create photo gallery, create photo slide show at homepage and describe description of each image.
1) Grand Flagallery responsive in android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Desktop friendly photo gallery with SEO optimized.
2) Grand Flagallery provides widgets for Banner Rotator, Photo Gallery and Video Gallery in your wordpress website.
3) Background music in gallery for desktop browses.

5) WordPress Gallery Plugin : WP Photo Album

wp photo album plus trickshack

WP Photo Album is easily see and manage your images at your gallery in wordpress website. We can create mix photos and videos at a same time with no limitation. We have control of the way of images ordered within the albums. You can add a image of the day sidebar widget that display a image which can be changed every hour, day or week.
Developer: Jacob N. Breetvelt
Price: Free

6) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Gallery Bank


Gallery Bank is a WordPress Gallery Plugin designed to create Elegant. Gallery Bank provides a powerful engine for uploading and managing photo galleries of images & videos, with the ability to batch upload, delete, rearrange, sort images.
Gallery Bank Regularly updates and simplicity of usage along with efficient functionality makes it a perfect choice for your wordpress site to have stunning look. There are also Premium Editions of the plugin with more useful features available.
1) Gallery Bank are multi languages available in different 35 languages.
2) Gallery Bank create totally responsive photo gallery with unlimited images in each album no limitation.
3) We can add, delete and rearrange in each album with bulk upload of images at a same time.

7) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Foo Gallery


Foo Gallery allows for batter image and video gallery management in wordpress sites. Foo Gallery provides lots of facilities like create mix galleries with images and videos, create unlimited images in each album, describe meta description of each image at each post or page.

1) We can use built in media library to manageimages, built in gallery templates, built in extension store.
2) Custom CSS for both galleries and albums.
3) Easily drag and drop reordering of images and gallaries.
Developer: various
Price: Free

8) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Portfolio Gallery 


Portfolio Gallery is perfect for using for creating various portfolio Gallery within various views. Portfolio Gallery product allows adding images, videos from youtube and vimeo, descriptions and titles for each portfolio gallery. Portfolio Gallery is rather useful whether using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.
Portfolio Gallery has unrepeatable, 7 different and very fancy views. These portfolio gallery views will give you a chance to make your site look modern, creative, well designed and this will definitely raise a big interest in your portfolio gallery by millions of your visitors. Make your portfolio gallery fit your needs up to the most minor detail.
Developer: Huge-IT
Price: Free

9) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Envira Gallery


Envira Gallery plugin is the absolute easiest, fastest and most efficient gallery plugin for WordPress. You can create global and post dependent responsive WordPress galleries that can be exported and imported anywhere. This plugin is insanely fast, and unlike some other popular gallery plugins, Envira Gallery plugin  is built with an incredibly slim but powerful codebase that is optimized for performance. All of your gallery queries using SMART caching and query technology to allow you to showcase your content with worrying about speed.

10) WordPress Gallery Plugin : Gmedia Gallery

gmedia-gallery-trickshack (2)

Gmedia plugin you can upload an unlimited number of photo and audio files, create dozens of galleries and playlists, group pictures and other files in albums, and add tags for each file. Handle any file format and link any files with images in few clicks. 
Create Slideshow Galleries with using tags and automatically add images to several galleries by assigning these tags to uploaded photos. Easily add related photos from Gmedia Library to the Post by using Add Media Gmedia Gallery tab MetaBox. One click for inserting image or gallery right in your page.

Above I have discuss best free WordPress Gallery Plugins 2015. After installation above any plugin in your wordpress website you can easily edit images in albums, easily add, delete and rearrange images in albums, create slide show on homepage etc.. I hope you like my post so please like and share with your friends.

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