How to Increase Android Phone Internal Memory

Android smartphones are the widely used smartphones among people these days. More than hundred thousand apps are available in the Android Market and Google Play Store. Since, the android phones have limited internal memory you cannot use all these apps on your phone.
But you can overcome this problem by increasing the internal memory of your android smartphone. By partitioning the external memory card of your device, it is possible to use the same as an internal memory with the help of link2SD app and memory card partition.
Although several methods are available for partitioning the memory card, using ClockworkMod recovery is more efficient and works on any android phone.


1.To proceed with the process you need to root your android smartphone. In case, if you are not sure whether your android phone is rooted or not, just download the ‘Root Checker‘ app from the Google Play Store. If it is not rooted, then root your android phone instantly by following the tutorial’s given here in our website.
2.Next, backup all your data’s available on your android smartphone, as the partition process will wipe it all.
3.Next download and install the Link2SD app from the Google Play Store on your phone.
4.As I have already said, this procedure requires the ClockworkMod recovery and you must have it installed on your android device. Try to install the latest version of the ClockworkMod recovery.
5.Finally, check the battery percentage level of your android phone and make sure it is not less than 75%. If it is less, then charge your phone fully or up to 75%.
Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. If anything wrong happens to your device, we would not be held responsible.

Procedure to Partition The Memory Card:

1.First switch off your android phone and boot it into recovery mode by following any method or by using the key combination.
2.The Touch doesn’t work in most of the Clockworkmod recovery, so use home button for selection and volume buttons for navigation.
3.Then choose the “advanced option” and then go to partition SD card.
4.After that, select the ext size (Make sure it is less than your memory card size).
5.The SD Card partition will begin and it will take some time. So, wait until the process is finished.
6.After that choose the +++++ Go Back +++++ option and reboot your device.

Instructions To Increase Internal Memory Of Android Phone With Link2SD:

1.You have done the partitioning of SD card. So, now it’s time to download and install the latest version of the app. (In case, if you not installed the app previously as I have said in the prerequisites).
2.Next grant the superuser permission for the Link2SD app.
3.After granting the superuser permission, it will ask you to select the file system of your second partition. Just, choose the select ext2 format as given in the below picture.
Internal Memory-Partition
4.Once you confirmed the file system, it will ask you to restart your android phone. So, do it instantly.
increase-internal memory-restart device
5.Once your phone is restarted, again open the Link2SD app and select the filter option and choose the “On Internal” option as given in the below picture.
6.Once you chosen that option it will show the apps from the internal memory.
7.Select the options > Multi select. Finally choose the applications that you want to move to the internal memory.
8.Now, again choose the action and then create the link. Choose all the three options i.e Link application file, Link dalvik cache file and Link library files and tap OK.
internal memory-create link
9.It will take some time to create the link to this partition. Once it was created press OK. That’s it! all your applications will be moved to this partition.
10.In order to link every new app that you will download to this partition, choose the options and then again choose auto link.
11.Hereafter, whenever you download the app either from the android market or from the Google Play Store it will get saved in this partition.
status of the partition
If you want to check the status of the partition memory select option > Storage info. Don’t remove the memory card from your android phone as your apps will be linked to the SD card and by removing it, you cannot access them.

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