3 tips To Add Twitter Timeline Widgets On Blog

Twitter is more conscious about twitter widgets and tweet buttons for websites and blogs.As part of this  twitter developed more features on their widgets.Earlier times,there had only Tweets widgets which displays your tweets. Today morning,twitter introduced new widgets for favorite tweets,List tweets and Hash tag search.
And you can publish any users timeline tweets (public) on your websites.

How To Add this Widget on your Blog ?

  • Go to Widgets settings on your twitter account. (https://twitter.com/settings/widgets) .
  • Click on 'Create new" button on right side  of the particular page.
  • Choose your  Timeline source, and scroll down your page and click on 'Create Widget' button.
  • Copy down the Code and Paste in HTML/Java script Box in your Blog.
  • Now Go to Blogger.com --> Layout --> Click on 'Add a Gadget'  --> and Choose HTML/Javascript widget from the list.
  • Paste this code and Save. Refresh your blog and see your tweets on your blog.

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