Samsung Galaxy S6 problems and how to fix them

Problem: Galaxy S6 won’t turn on

If you've tried to turn on your Galaxy S6 a few times and it doesn't load up, there's need to worry. There are some simple fixes for this S6 problem.


  • Press the power button for about 10 seconds. This should reboot your S6.
  • Enter recovery mode by holding the power, home and volume up buttons at the same time. The Android droid should appear. Select Reboot system with the volume buttons (to move up and down) then select your choice with the power button.
  • Charge it for 30 minutes and then press the power button for 10 seconds.
  • If none of these options fix it, you might need to call a technician.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S6 bootloader
Try our solutions if your Galaxy S6 won't turn on. / © ANDROIDPIT

Problem: Galaxy S6 'Mobile Data' toggle is gone

Has your Mobile Data toggle mysteriously vanished from the Quick Settings? Some users have reported that it no longer appears in the list in the notifications shade and is no longer an option in the Quick Settings edit menu either.
AndroidPIT Galaxy S6 TouchWiz Lollipop mobile data toggle highlight
Has the mobile data toggle vanished from your Quick Settings? / © ANDROIDPIT
The problem has affected quite a few people, so we've established that it isn't an isolated incident, but we have been unable to reproduce it in the AndroidPIT office with either the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge.


One solution to the problem came via XDA Developers, who came to the rescue with an APK to fix the missing mobile data toggle.
Now though, Samsung has officially patched the problem, courtesy of a new app called QuickPanel Restore in the Galaxy Apps store. It is only available for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. To get it, just go to the Galaxy Apps app on your phone and search for it (it won't appear in the search results on other devices) and install.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Apps Galaxy S6 Quick Panel Restore
This is the app you want, but you'll only find it on an S6 or S6 Edge. / © ANDROIDPIT
Once you open it, you'll see a big old Restore button. Tap that to get your mobile data toggle restored and then uninstall the app. As you can see in our screenshot below, it certainly seems to do the trick.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Apps Galaxy S6 Quick Panel Restore fixed
Tap the Restore button and your mobile data toggle will reappear (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

Problem: Galaxy S6 back cover peeling off

The back of one the Galaxy S6 test devices we had at the AndroidPIT office peeled away during use, calling its build quality into question. Most devices seem sturdy when we buy them, but if they start falling apart after just a few months, then that indicates a manufacturing failure.
samsung galaxy s6 tampa descolando
Many people wanted a removable back on the Galaxy S6, but this is not what they meant. / © ANDROIDPIT
At no point did we drop our Galaxy S6, nor expose it to water or prolonged direct sunlight. The problem seems to have started near the speaker at the bottom of the device, as you can see in the image below. Another case of the back popping off appeared in Korea, where a swollen S6 battery was the cause. That isn't the cause of our issue, which seems to be due to poor adhesion.
Galaxy s6 back taking off 3
Is this a serious fault or just an isolated incident? / © ANDROIDPIT


As you can probably guess, when something comes unstuck, the solution is to re-stick it. Applying some new glue (that will adhere to both metal and glass) to the inside of the back cover will sort you right out, or you can use some very thin double-sided tape.
We haven't seen any widespread cover peeling issues with the Galaxy S6. If it has happened to you, it might be covered by your phone's warranty, or you might need to get it repaired.

Problem: Galaxy S6 camera LED won't turn off

Back when the first Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge units made their way into the hands of consumers, a widespread issue appeared with the camera, namely that the LED flash would turn on and couldn't be turned off again.
Initially restricted to T-Mobile Galaxy S6 owners, the problem soon appeared on other carrier-branded and unlocked handsets. Samsung itself even admitted it was aware of the problem and was looking into it.
AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S6 gesture mute call
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Even though Samsung promised a fix back in early April, it wasn't until the Android 5.1.1 update that the LED flash issue was tagged as ''resolved''.
T-Mobile pushed the update on June 15, 2015, clearly identifying the LED problem in the changelog on the T-Mobile Galaxy S6 software update page.
What other Galaxy S6 problems have you been facing? Do you have any solutions to share? Let us know in the comments.

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