How to stop your phone being stolen

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Here are our top 5 tips for preventing phone theft. /
So, to try and address the phone-snatching epidemic, I have some advice. Here are five totally legit and not at all tongue-in-cheek suggestions on how to prevent someone from stealing your phone.

1. Look like a thug

One of the best preventative measures for phone theft is to wear a tracksuit and a cap. Couple this with standing near a bus stop and drinking cider with your pals and your chances of having your phone stolen are considerably reduced. This is because nobody want’s to steal a phone from someone who already looks like a phone thief. Unless you’re a Robin Hood type, but they’re few and far between. They really are.
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Choice of hat may increase or decrease chances of success. /

2. Buy a rubbish phone

Sony can’t give the Xperia Z3+ away and you’d have more chance of someone trying to force the HTC One M9 into your pocket than trying to remove it. A sure-fire way to secure your phone against theft is to buy one of those crap ones that nobody wants.
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Beware: some rubbish phones look like iPhones. This will increase chances of theft. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. Say aloud that your phone is broken

Who would steal a broken phone, right? Phone thieves generally aren’t interested in parts, they just want to make a quick buck. It's harder for them to sell a broken handset, so this acts as a strong deterrent.
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You don't have to break your phone, just pretend it's broken. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Leave your phone in its packaging at the store

Basically, the fewer phones you own, the fewer phones you're likely to have stolen.

5. Buy a phone with a stylus

There is method to this madness. Buy a phone with a stylus, and when someone sees you using it, they might think it’s just a notepad. Pretend it is a notepad and you’re golden.
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If you buy a phone which is both crap and has a stylus that's a double victory in the fight against theft. / © Boost Mobile

6. Use a black phone at night, and a white phone in the snow

There is a reason that jungle camouflage is so effective in the jungle. You've got to blend to your surroundings. If you're sitting on the grass with a green phone it will be barely visible to passing thieves.
androidpit nexus 5 hero image 08
If we put the charcoal Nexus on the grey surface it would become almost invisible. / © 

7. Be more careful

Okay, this is a genuine suggestion. If you really want to reduce the chances of having your phone stolen, you simply need to be more careful. A mobile theft study in 2014 revealed that 44 percent of stolen phones were left in a public place, while only 11 percent were pickpocketed.
It’s so easy to leave a phone on a table, so wherever possible you must return your phone to a pocket or bag when you are finished using it. Also, don’t show the world that you have a new Galaxy S6. Hold it firmly when you’re using it, cover it with your other hand when in public places. Don't use it when you're alone in the early hours of the morning on a council estate.
Smartphones are incredibly personal and are worth much more than their actual cost to us. Anybody who has lost a phone will tell you: it’s often the contents of the phone which is most upsetting to lose, not the thought of buying a new one.
Do you have any tips for preventing phone theft? Let us know in the comments.

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