How To Set Pattern For Your Laptop or Pc

Wow Just Imagen You Can Now Set Pattern For Your Pc Just as Android Users
Can,Formerly Only Android Users Can Set Pattern For Thier Device But Examslord
Has Made It Possible For You To Set pattern on your personal computer(pc)
You can Now Secure your items or files from Hackers
1.You Have To Download maze lock for windows,To Direct Maze Lock Clickclick  here the downloaded file and you will see a new window with a pattern of 2
drawn by default,you can ether use this pattern if you so desire or click on reset
pattern to draw your desired pattern
3.Now make your preferred pattern and click on ok then re-enter the same pattern
and then save the backup of that pattern lock incase you may forget your pattern
4.Now click On General Tab and click on auto-hack at the windows start up and
turn it can change settings to please you can also change the background of your maze lock screen to make it look
more beautiful.Just click on the background tab and browse the location of image
then click ok,ENJOY!
Successfully ! Successfully ! You Have Set Pattern lock for your laptop or pc
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