Top Camera Apps For Android

Camera Apps For Professionals

Here are some professional camera apps for android which includes some wide range of advance functions which will help you to capture some amazing photos.  

#Camera FV 5 :

If you are or want to become a photographer then this app is actually a cheap way to learn how to use a real DSLR. This apps gives you manual controls similar to professional DSLR camera. So why would you need all these manual controls on an app ? Specially when we have one tap camera apps like google camera. Well one benefit to have these manual controls is you don't need to do as much as to edit the photo after you've taken it. For Example if you're using google camera, then you can use tap to focus or exposure, but you can't adjust how much exposure or focus you want. With camera FV 5 you get some really awesome controls to play around with.

#DSLR Camera :

DSLR camera tries to emulates DSLR features into your phone as much as possible. You can adjust every detail of your picture, But only when your hardware supports it. Honestly the user interface is not that much friendly and you cannot use your fingers to zoom while taking a picture. Instead there is a magnifying glass icon which allow us to do so. Apart from this the app has tendency to click great pictures because of so many functions available.

#Manual Camera :

Manual camera offers a range of settings which most camera apps doesn't offers. You can take control of every detail in your picture including focus, exposure, white balance, etc. One of the most interesting feature is this app allow us to save the picture in lossless RAW format, so there are possibilities for further processing the image.

#A Better Camera :

A better camera has a lot of interesting features like :
> Multishot - Where you can take multiple pictures with same background without getting the picture       blurred.  You can also capture Group portrait, Sequence shot.
> Removing unwanted people/ objects from your photograph.
> Taking quick pictures, like taking 10 picture in a row quickly.
> Manual controls like focus,ISO, and shutter speed priority

#VSCO Cam :

VSCO Cam provides an instagram like experience, It combines a camera with sharing and editing functions. When it comes down to filters then VSCO Cam is the best. It has tons of cool filters which you won't find in other camera apps. You can also import already snapped pictures and edit them with filters and presets.

Camera Apps For Selfie Addicts

Here are some of the best camera apps for people who just love to click pictures and share them on social media. 

#Youcam Perfect- Selfie Cam

This is one of my favorite camera app. It removes blemishes and improve skin tone color which makes you look better in the picture. It has an inbuilt photo editor using which you can retouch your photos to adjust skin tone, easily remove wrinkles, erase pimples, edit tired eyes, add filters and reshape your face. One of the best feature is Real-time beautifying filters which means that you can see the effect live while taking the pictures.

#Candy Camera for Selfie

Similar as Youcam but the beautifying filters are little unique which make this app more interesting. There are so many filters which you will love and enjoy while taking selfies. It is an ultimate camera app which includes features like geo-tagging, live preview of filters, mute mode, custom album viewer, automatic saving and much more.

#Camera For Facebook

This app is totally built for taking selfies. Some of it's feature include real-time photo filters, Real-time blur effect, selfie timer for 2- 5 seconds. It also includes a photo editor where you can select frames after choosing your desired filter. The photo editor provides features like whitening and smoothing of skin tone in one touch, Love quotes and many other kinds of stickers, photoshop like color effects, etc. Final words if you are looking for a photo editor then this should be your choice.

#Camera MX

Camera MX is a bit funky camera app. It doesn't provides a range of features but you can shoot some great pictures and share them on social media with few taps. One of the best feature of this app is Shoot the Past which lets you capture what actually happened before the picture was captured, It's quite similar to live photos feature in iPhone 6S. Apart from having a range of features it's user interface is quite simple and you won't face any difficulties while capturing some awesome pictures with this app.


Perfect 365 is a perfect solution for self-portraits. It is actually a photo editor which has a wide range of features like applying make-up on your photos, remove skin imperfections,blemishes and you can also add a new hairstyle in few taps. The makeovers look realistic as it detects your key facial points using a smart algorithm.
Which camera app do you find the best ? Let us know in comments !             

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