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Top 5 Roms for redmi 1s

One of the greatest things about Xiaomi Redmi 1S is that it has lots of software developments going on. We can find loads of custom official, unofficial Rom(s) and kernels being released each day for the device. Users have their own free will to pick any of the ROM they want!! So the question that haunts us is:

Which ROM should we really flash? 

We should rely on?

Is it stable or not?

So today we will discuss about those top best Rom(s) for Redmi 1S,

Note: we will be reviewing those ROM(s) only that are based on android 5.1.1 lollipop!!starting from :

CyanogenMod 12.1

Really want to play stress free with lollipop? Then CM12.1 (update R7 & up) or (20150526 & up) is the best custom ROM available for the device which delivers the complete taste of the stock lollipop with added up customization options. CM 12.1 is the most stable ROM available for Redmi 1S, prior builds had problems like heating, continuous lag while charging the device etc which made the users very miserable while using the device. But the newer builds removed all those issues, leading to better performance and durability!
Cm12.1 has most of the features present already, when we compared it with the android M technical preview released for the nexus devices.
Battery backup: Battery backup is very much reliable and lasts the whole day with the data on and with a little gaming.
Point: CM 12.1 yields out best performance when being used up with the Monster kernel (rd5). Also a plus point is that all the kernels are compatible with the ROM.

AOSPA (a.k.a Paranoid Android)

Aospa (Android Open Source Paranoid Android) is from one of the custom ROM that exhibited new introduced features like DSB (dynamic status bar), heads up notifications, pie controls & immersive on the platform of custom android development which made the following ROM user's favorite on kitkat!!. Now paranoid android is the most stable official ROM based on AOSP after Cm12.1  for Redmi 1S based on lollipop. It is still in Beta stage so we can expect more new customization options adding up with incremental OTA updates. Till then it lacks all the customization options as compared to the Cm 12.1, in nut shell we can say that it delivers the stock Google android lollipop experience!!
Battery backup: The following ROM provides best battery backup compared to all the custom ROM(s) listed!!
Point: Flashers please don't expect that the paranoid features which were there on kitkat based ROM will be there in lollipop too, the following ROM does not provide the DSB, Pie controls or immersive for now.

Download Link: AOSPA Rom For Redmi 1S

MOKEE Open Source

Mokee is another open source custom development on top of android platform that presents loads of customization options under the hood. Its the next nice and stable ROM for Redmi 1S running on top of cm 12.1. Lots of updates hit the device weekly which users can flash including the nightly's. When compared with the Cm 12.1, Mokee leads in the section of customization but Cm 12.1 leads in the area of stability and battery backup.
Battery backup: Rom has an above average battery backup.
Point: All the kernels available for the device don't work with mokee so please confirm it before flashing it to avoid bricking!!

Download Link: Mokee For Redmi 1s
AICP (a.k.a Android Ice Cold Project)

AICP is an official ROM that has lots of features available for Redmi 1S. All the additional features are available in the settings app under one place that is "AICP Extras". Additional settings includes 'SlimPIE', 'App circle bar', 'App sidebar', 'Gesture Anywhere' etc . The ROM has AOKP animations by default that can be changed by the user under 'Display and animations' settings.
The ROM is very smooth and has no lags at all, but sometimes device faces heating issues while charging.
Battery backup: The battery lasts quite long when compared it with the other ROM(s) exhibiting the same extra customization features like blisspop, TeamUB etc.
Point: All of the kernels works with this ROM.

Download Link: AICP For Redmi 1S

Resurrection Remix

The following ROM is based on CyanogenMod 12.1 with combined features of Slim, Omni and other custom ROM(s) builds.
There is certainly no bugs or issues with the ROM, but has better RAM management even though having such lots of customization option included in the settings such as lock screen tweaks, recent panel settings, button tweaks etc. Yes it is also another brilliant piece of artwork on the platform of custom android development which is available for Xiaomi Redmi 1s.
Battery backup: After using the ROM for one week with all my apps installed, the battery backup showed was not up to the mark. The device was not lasting whole day with continuous usage of data.

Download Link: Resurrection Remix For Redmi 1S

That's all for today guys, stay connected!!
Happy flashing!!

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