How To Use Pendrive As Ram

Use Pendrive as a RAM in Window 7 is one of the best amazing tricks for slow pc users. This is true , you turn your Pendrive into a Virtual PC Ram for increasing your pc performance. During this process your pendrive acts like a Virtual RAM and your Window PC give you more performance than before.

Here we use ready boost method for increasing your Window PC Performance. You don't need to download any software from Internet. Ready boost software reinstalled in all Window 7 , Window 8 and Window 10 Versions.
You can easily turn your thumb drive or flash drive or pen drive into a virtual ram and use as ram in window 7.

Steps for Use Pendrive as RAM in Window 7, 8 and 10

  • Plug your Pendrive to Computer. (Make sure your pendrive class between 6-10. High Class means 
  • performance and speed.)
  • Right Click on your Pendrive icon and select Properties.
    Pendrive Properties
    Pendrive Properties
  • Now a new Window Open , Select Readyboost Tab and Select use this device option. Choose the ram size and select you ram value. 
    Readyboost Option in Pendrive
  • Now you can turn your pen drive into a ram from this two steps procedure.