Samsung Galaxy S 4 Stock rom 5.0.1

 Samsung Galaxy S 4 SPH-L720
 **Suggested** FlashFire - Play BETA - PREVIEW (ROM is also compatible with TWRP).
1. Join the G+ community using the same Google account as you're using for Play on your phone/tablet Here.
2. Sign up to receive the BETA versions from Play Here.
- Use the link provided after sign-up to download the app.

**Caution!** The following process is only for the original Sprint L720 S4 Variant. Use on any other device may result in a hardbrick!

- L720_OD2_Stock_Rooted_ROM

Set your screen timeout setting to 10 mins before beginning!

1. Place the ROM onto your device (use either internal or ext-sdcard).
2. Open the FlashFire app and "Agree" to the Terms and Conditions.
3. Press "(+)" twice to bring up the "Actions" menu.
4. Press "Wipe" and check all options except "Internal storage" then press the checkmark to continue.
5. Press "(+)" once again and select "Flash Zip or OTA" and locate and select the ROM. Leave "Auto-mount" unchecked under the "Options" menu and press the checkmark to continue.
6. From the main menu "Tap-Hold-Drag" your "Actions" and place them in the following order:
- "Wipe"
- "Flash Zip or OTA"
7. Uncheck all options under "EverRoot" and use default "Reboot" setting.
8. Last, press the lightning bolt then "Ok" to begin the flash.

The screen will turn black then display the contents of your system before beginning the flash. FlashFire will pause for about 1 minute while flashing the "system" partition. Once complete your device will reboot and pause on the Samsung splash screen for about 5 - 7 minutes before completely rebooting. Done!

Tip: for blazing fast speed turn off animations from Developer Options and reboot!

Known Issues:
- Wifi may not function. To resolve the issue...power down (or pull battery) before entering "Download" Mode then Odin flash the modem from Post #2.

1. The ROM will update your Modem, Non-hlos, Kernel, System, and Bootloader to OD2 (your recovery will not be updated).
2. The ROM is also compatible with TWRP (Full wipe recommended)!
3. To learn more about FlashFire's capabilities see here: http://freenetcracker

Alternative Odin Method:
1. Extract the L720_OD2_Pre-Rooted_Firmware.tar from the .rar archive.
2. Pull battery from your device then reinsert and boot into "Download" mode.
3. Uncheck "Auto-Reboot" in Odin and flash the firmware using PDA/AP Slot (depending on your Odin version).
4. Once the flash completes pull the battery again and boot into Recovery, perform a Factory Data Reset then Reboot. Done!

1. This method will void your warranty and set your warranty bit to (0x1).
2. This method will update your modem, kernel, and system to OD2 but will not update your bootloader or recovery.

(Original Model Only)

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