How to unbricked LG Intuition

As the tittle says, now i'm gonna show you the real way to recover your lg intuition from bricked and at the same time, upgrade it to android 4.1 jelly bean, if you haven't. There are various tutorials about this, in various forums, but any of them work or do something relevant.

Just follow my instructions step by step and you'll get your intuition unbricked and/or upgraded. Well, LET'S START!

  1. 1-Download the firmware (.cab file) from here:

    2-Download this both tools:

    3-Unzip the archive with the tools inside in a folder, move the firmware already downloaded in this same folder.

    4-Download lg drivers from here:

    5- In the folder created, open the folder named "FlashTool.1.0.54", execute the "Windows Enable.exe" program with administrato rigths.Then execute "UpTestEX.exe"

    In the 1 you're gonna search for the folder you previously created, just select the folder, don' open it. In the 2 select the .cab firmware downloaded for converting in a .kdz file. Select it and press" Encrypt cab -> kdz" then i will start to convert it and the .kdz file will appear in the folder you selected in work directory.

    6-When that is done, get your intuition on "Download Mode",hold Volume up and down at the same time, the connect it to your pc and will promt "Download mode". Go to the folder and open "LG Flash Tool 2014" in this folder execute "LGFlashTool2014.exe" in PhoneMode choose CS_EMERGENCY.Then, look for the .kdz file created and select it.

    7-Click on"CSE flash" when a new window is promtep just click on "START" windows will ask you to confirm, just hit Yes. In the next window just change the language for english.

    8- The program will start analyzing your phone, extracting the firmware and finally installing it.
If you have followed all the steps, you will safe your phone! Enjoy it

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