How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphone

 Shutdown Pc With Phone
The method is based on a cool windows program that is mainly designed to schedule shutdown on your PC but it can be used as remotely shutdown program too using some settings and implementations that we have discussed below, so proceed with below steps.

Steps To Shutdown PC With Smartphone Remotely:

  1. First of in your windows PC download and install the program Airytec switch off.
  2. Now install the app and you will see shutdown icon in system tray.
  3. Click on the icon and tick the options there according to your need like Force shutdown should be enabled.1
  4. Now right click on shutdown icon and click on setting and there click on remote section there.2
  5. Now click on Edit Webinterface Settings there.
  6. There enable Webinterface and remain the Authentication unchecked and click on apply button.3
  7. Now click on view / update static addresses and note down the Shutdown URL  there and for easy 4interface you can bookmark this URL in Your Mobile.5
  8. Now double click on shutdown icon in system tray and enable task.
  9. Now open the URL in your mobile and you will see interface like below.7
  10. Now click on shutdown button to shut your computer and process will start.
  11. Thats it you are done, using this now you can easily shutdown your computer from any where using your phone.
So this is all about How To Remotely Shutdown PC From Anywhere With Smartphone. With the cool method discussed above you can easily shutdown your computer any where from your smartphone or any web enabled device. Hope you like the article, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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