How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Instagram becomes so popular now a days. It becomes a trend to upload images with hash # tags. 80% of younger generation is now using Instagram application in their smart phone (mobile). And they use it on a regular basis.
Some are the biggest questions comes in Instagram user’s mind is that…
  • Can we have multiple instagram accounts??
  • Can we use two Instagram accounts??
  • Can we manage multiple Instagram accounts in single device??
  • Can we have dual Instagram accounts??
Lots of question arises to manage multiple Instagram accounts in single device. So here Qd Tricks provide exclusive solution to have two Instagram accounts in a single device.
“The solution is Instwogram

What is Instwogram?

  • Instwogram is a big project started by the senior member of XDA Developers. This instwogram application is based on the latest Instagram’s cloning application.
  • With the help of this application (Instwogram), you can manage multiple Instagram accounts in your mobile with which u can use two Instagram accounts in single device.
  • You can also download videos and pictures on Instagram from this application name instwogram.

Instwogram Features for Multiple Instagram Accounts:

  • No Root: This app doesn’t require root access in your mobile.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts
  • Pictures: You can post pictures same as Instagram app
  • Videos: You can post videos same as Instagram app (5.1.4)
  • Follow: You can follow others same like Instagram app
  • Location

Instwogram Requirements to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts:

  • Android 2.2 +
  • Root – Only if you want to use add-ons (Add-ons links are provided at bottom)

Download Instwogram App April 2015

Version Information
Status: Stable
Most Stable: 5.1.4
Current Version: 6.4.1
Updated & Working As Of: April 9, 2015
  • Some users having problem with facebook account linking with instwogram application. Follow below simple steps to get it work.
  • First install official facebook app in your mobile
  • Download the latest instwogram app from above given link
  • Now login to your FB account, go to account setting – apps – Instagram – and remove Instagram from it
  • Open instwogram, share a picture on it and login to your facebook account
  • You will be successfully linked to your facebook account with instwogram

ADD-ONS for Instogram App (Root Users Only)

These add-ons will give the facility to download images and videos from your instwogram apps. These will work on only mobile which have root access.
  • Instwogram Downloader (Instwogram 6.4.1): Download
  • Instwogram Downloader (Instwogram 5.1.4): Download

How to Install Add-ons on Instwogram App:

  • First of all download the add-on from above. Make sure your download the correct version.
  • Now Install the apk file in mobile device
  • Open xPosed installer and enable instwogram downloader in modules
  • Now reboot the device and you are done

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