How To Earn money from SEOCLERKS 2017

SEOClerks is a marketplace originally designed for SEO services. As part of our continuing effort to expand and innovate, we've changed. Since the inception of SEOClerks, we've expanded beyond SEO offering a Want to Buy and Want to Trade section where users can ask for anything. Our platform is built by community suggestions that our users want and need.
THIS is what the SITE says and yes its one of the best sites on net to get SEO services and also to earn online.

How To Earn From SEOCLERKS :

1. SIgn up at SEOCLERKS from here .

2. Complete your profile by adding a profile pic, status and skills.

3. Then click on SELL A SERVICE under Seller tab.

4. Create a service. Anything you know and you can do related to facebook likes , google plus shares ,SEO, websites, social sites etc etc.

5. After successfully creating a service, share your service on different social networking sites.

6. If your service is cheap and good then you will get orders for it. Always try to make cheap and unique services because there are many same type of services offered by different users.

7. The second way to earn which is more effective for me is by BIDDING on user requests. First of all go to WTB SECTION. There you will see a list of services that user wants. If there is a service that you can provide just open the link and bid on it. You will get response if your bid was good enough to impress the customer.

Some tips which are really neccessary :

1. Dont be in a hurry, it takes time to start. Have some patience
2. Since you are new to the site, try to make services cheap. Once a servie of your's get a boom then you may increase the price.
3. Try to bid on almost all services that you can do and make the cheapest bid.

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