How To Delete Blogger Photos Permanently Or Restore Back

If you've upgraded to Google+, the photos you've uploaded to your blog will be stored on Google+.  Removing the photo from your blog will not remove the photo from your blog's album on Google+. How To Do That :

You can recover photos that were backed up to Google+ and deleted less than 60 days ago. How to get your photos back:

Android App Users :

  1. Open the Photos app .
  2. Touch the menu icon  at the top left and select Trash at the bottom.
  3. Touch & hold the photo you want to recover.
Touch the restore icon  at the top right. This will put the photo back onto your phone, into your Auto Backups, and into any albums it was in.

Desktop Computer :

  1. Open Google+. Place your cursor over the Google+ Home menu near the top left corner.
  2. Select Photos  from the Google+ navigation menu.
  3. Click More and then Trash.
  4. Place your cursor over the photos you want to restore > click the checkboxesto select them.
  5. Click Restore. Your photos will be restored to the same album(s) they were in before they were deleted.

Ios App :

  1. Open the Google+ app .
  2. Touch the menu icon  at the top left > Photos.
  3. Touch the title at the top (it will probably say Highlights) and choose Trash.
  4. Touch the select icon  at the top right.
  5. Select photos and touch Restore at the bottom right. This will put the photo back onto your phone, into your Auto Backups, and into any albums it was in.

Mobile Browser :

You can't restore photos using the mobile web browser at this time, but you can try on a desktop computer.

If you haven't upgraded to Google+, your images will be stored in Picasa Web Albums. Deleting an image from your blog that's stored in Picasa Web Albums will also delete the photo in Picasa, and vice versa.

Picasa Web Albums stores all photos uploaded to Blogger (including custom domains). A few things to know:
  • Each blog that includes photos will have a corresponding Picasa Web album (with the same name) for those photos. The album cover in Picasa Web will be designated with a small orange Blogger icon.
  • Blogger album visibility are automatically set to 'Limited, anyone with the link.'
  • All photos posted to Blogger are included in the 1GB of free storage allotted to Picasa Web Albums.
  • When you delete photos from your Blogger album in Picasa Web Albums, the photo will also be deleted from your blog. Likewise, if you delete a photo from Blogger it will be deleted from Picasa Web Albums.