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15 great tips and tricks to help you get started with Twitter, get more from Twitter, and recover when things go wrong on Twitter. (See all social networks tips and tricks.)
Twitter is great. A fun timesink, boisterous debating school, and a source of knowledge. It's also a great way of marketing your business or staying in touch with friends and colleagues. But Twitter can also be daunting for the uninitiated. On this page we've gathered together some of our favourite Twitter tips and tricks - 15 of them in fact. We hope to provide a simple guide to getting started with Twitter, as well as some interesting and fun tips and tricks that will help you get more from Twitter, and recover when things go wrong.
We'd love to hear from you if you have your own Twitter tips and tricks. So drop us a line in the comments at the bottom of the page, or Tweet me at @mattjegan with any comments or tips and tricks of your own. We'll add the best to this feature. (And if you are more of a Facebook fiend, see also: 13 best Facebook tips and tricks: stop autoplaying video, block Candy Crush, use US-only apps, protect your privacy and more.)

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: getting started

We begin at the beginning, with our beginner's guide to Twitter (easy for me to say). Using Twitter is easy when you know how, but making that initial leap into the Twittersphere can be daunting and difficult. In this all-round guide we explain exactly what Twitter is, why you might want to use it and how to set up an account and start Tweeting.

Beginner's guide to Twitter

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: Twitter basics

Now you are au fait with the very basic aspects of setting up Twitter and starting to Tweet, we'll explain some aspects of Twitter in more detail.
Here's how to use Twitter's own integrated photo posting tool to include images in your posts.

How to upload pictures to Twitter

Next we'll learn how to set up Tweets in advance, so you can always be posting (even while you sleep).

How to schedule Tweets

Later on we'll look at what to do when your Twitter account has been hacked, but to prevent that happening you need a strong password. Here's how to create a strong password for Twitter.

How to create a strong password for Twitter

Next you'll need a smart cover photo for your Twitter page. In a moment we'll look at general customisations for your Twitter page. First let's sort out that cover photo.

How to add a cover photo to Twitter

...and now everything else to make your Twitter page sing.

How to customise your Twitter page

You have a Twitter page, and you're following people. But you need followers. Here are some tips of attracting the right kind of Twitter followers.

How to attract and engage Twitter followers

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: when things go wrong on Twitter

You are up and running and everything is great. Until it isn't. In this section of our Twitter tips and tricks we will look at what to do when things go wrong on Twitter. How to report spam, find out who unfollowed you, and most of all how to deal with a Twitter hack.
Twitter works great when everyone is contributing. But where there are people there are scammers, and on Twitter they are mostly bots pushing out spam. Spam is a curse on all popular social media.  You can help keep Twitter clean by reporting spam and other violations on Twitter.

How to report spam and other violations on Twitter

Yesterday you had 200 followers, today 150. What happened? Here's how to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter.

How to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter

Probably the most important tip we can five is how to recover from a Twitter hack. It happens a lot, to the extent that it is almost inevitable. But if you act quickly you can mitigate the effects of a Twitter hack, for you and your followers.

What to do if your Twitter account is hacked

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: Twitter specifics

That's all the general tips and tricks covered. Let's get into some very specific (and self explanatory) Twitter tips and tricks. Some of these are useful only to users of specific platforms or apps. Others are for business use.

How to logout/sign out of Twitter on an Android smartphone or tablet

How to turn off inline images using Twitter's mobile app

How to hold a successful Twitter chat

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: is it possible?

This is a great tip for those who use Twitter principally to see what other people are posting. There are three great ways to make your Twitter feed less annoying, but still stay in touch.

How to make Twitter less annoying

15 great Twitter tips and tricks: and finally...

Want a lot of followers? Here is how one team did it.

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