Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use your mouse to do everything you need on your browser. Yet, using a mouse can often slow you down. If you can click a couple of keys for every common browser-related task, you can usually work far more efficiently. Here are several keyboard shortcuts that you can use on most popular browsers in Windows.
S+Right-click on a web image
Holding down the S key on your keyboard and right-clicking on any web image does different things in different browsers. On Chrome, it opens a new tab with a reverse image search for the image on Google. While you could do the same thing with a right-click and selecting Search Google for this image , the keyboard shortcut is faster. On Firefox and Safari, the same keyboard shortcut sets the image as your desktop background. Internet Explorer saves a copy of the image.
Ctrl+L and Ctrl+Enter
Pressing Ctrl+L while on a browser lets you highlight the contents of the address bar. You can use it also to just to bring focus to the address bar before you type out a URL. With the Ctrl+Enter keyboard shortcut, you get to simply enter the main part of any URL in the address bar. The shortcut completes it with a www. and a .com .
Ctrl+T and Ctrl+Shift+T
Most people know the Ctrl+T browser shortcut -- it opens a new tab. There is a similar one to help you reopen the last tab that you've closed: you press Ctrl+Shift+T . If you wish to close a tab that you're on, you hit Ctrl+W . Alt+Enter lets you open a new copy of the tab that you are currently on.
If there is a GIF that distracts you...
Some websites use GIFs -- short, endlessly looping videos -- for comic effect. When you have one of these loops playing in front of you, though, it can be hard to concentrate on anything else -- they can be very distracting. There is a great way to make an annoying GIF go away, though: you simply hit Esc . This completely shuts GIFs off.
Using your mouse to switch among tabs can take time. It can be much handier to use the Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut. You quickly cycle among all open tabs one after the other from left to right this way. Ctrl+Shift+Tab lets you cycle backwards. If you have a specific tab in mind -- say, the fifth one from the start -- pressing Ctrl+5 will get you there. This trick only works up to number 8, though. When you use the Ctrl+9 shortcut, you switch to the last viewed tab.

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