Android Kitkat 4.4 R1 Operating System (OS) For PC Free Download

Android 4.4 R1 OS For Computer Official Release - Free Download

Google announced Android 4.4 KitKat on September 3, 2013. Although initially under the "Key Lime Pie" ("KLP") codename, the name was changed because "very few people actually know the taste of a key lime pie."[124] Some technology bloggers also expected the "Key Lime Pie" release to be Android 5.[125] KitKat debuted on Google's Nexus 5 on October 31, 2013, and has been optimised to run on a greater range of devices than earlier Android versions, having 512 MB of RAM as a recommended minimum; those improvements were known as "Project Svelte" internally at Google.

How To Install This OS:
1. Mount / Burn The .ico Image File To CD/DVD
2. Install It Like Windows, With Boot Menu
3. And Enjoy.

Download Android Kitkat 4.4 R1 OS For PC Free From Bellow:

File Size: 343 MB. (Full OS)

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