How to Transfer Credits on Mobile Networks in Ghana.

Tigo balance transfer allows you to share credit with your family and friends when they are in need.
You can transfer credit from your phone to a loved one who is also on the Tigo network or request for credits from them. This services is available for only prepaid and hybrid subscribers.

How does it work?
Dial *740*1234*027……..*amount# and send.
You can also dial *123*3# and follow the prompt.

To change pin
•1234 is the default password

•Dial *750*old password*new password# and send
To request credit, dial *123*5# and Tigo Give me balance will deliver your request to your loved one.
A subscriber must have GP 50 or more to be able to share and cannot transfer more than GHC 200 in a day.


Airtime transfer service on Airtel  is designed to enable prepaid customers share airtime (credit) on their Airtel Lines with their friends and families, also on Airtel as frequently as they desire, irrespective of location and time.

  • 24-hour availability: airtime can be sent anytime of the day or during
         the night
  • You can top up on behalf of family members or friends

How to transfer Airtime
  • From the Airtel Menu on your SIM, select Me2U
  • Send airtime credit
  • Enter Amount
  • Select option to enter Phone Number or choose the Number from your
         address book
  • Confirm the transaction
  • Enter PASSWORD
  • Send

You will then receive an SMS confirmation for the transfer. The person receiving the transfer will also receive an SMS confirmation.

How to change Password
  • From the Airtel Menu on your SIM, select Me2U
  • Change Password
  • Enter Current password
  • Enter New password
  • Confirm new password
  • Send


How do I register for MTN Me2U?
  Type <register><4-digit pin number> send to 1329.
Dial *198# reply with 1 and follow the prompts.

How do I transfer credits?
<Type the amount of credit> <Space> <Recipient’s full MTN number> <Space> < Your 4-digit PIN> and send to 1329.

10.90 024 XXXXXXX **** and send to 1329

The amounts to be transferred should be in increments of 10 Ghana Pesewas.
 How many times can I transfer credit to another MTN subscriber?
A maximum of 2 transfers are allowed for every 24 hours.
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How do I share credits?
To share credits dial *198# reply with 2 and follow the prompts.

Just go to messages. Then type in <amount to share/Transfer><leave a space><enter the number><leave space><Type 4 digit pin> and send to 1329.



*116*Number*Amount*pin*# (default pin is 1234)

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