How To Bypass or Solve Facebook Photo Tag Verification 2016

[Latest Trick] How To Bypass or Solve Facebook Photo Tag Verification 2015

Facebook photo tag verification is one of crap security system, usually Facebook forces one to verify this , once their it seems to be unusual activity like adding more friends,  joining more groups in a short period of time,. so you came here to know how i passed the security system,...let me say in easy words..

Note : Less friends [50-100] = Easy to Get back
More than 100 friends = Difficult to get back [have to do more work]

Method 1: How i bypassed the security verification 
 What i did is joined more groups with in sum of time and that made the robots to prove that i am the right person using the account ??, Okay follow the simple steps 

  1. Use windows browser like chrome or Firefox for this ,
  2. Enter your email and password and you will be forced to enter the captcha [authentication] and then you were asked to identify the photos of the friends [basically this is a tagged photos & profile pictures]
  3. Here we will get 5 photos + 2 skip option
  4. Now get a snipping tool [default in windows 7,8] and capture those 7 pictures one by one and save with 1,2,3.... [use both skip options]
  5. Repeat the step 4 again [depends on number of friends you have] between 50-100 then you need atleast 20 images..
  6. Now check back your email social tab for the notifications [AAA confirmed your friend request] , note down all the names in a notepad 
  7. Now go to Facebook and enter those names in search and get their profile --> photos [Get one spar account to get full access to profiles]
  8. Check back and compare the photos on their time line with the photos you have snapped, once you found on rename those images with their profile name...
  9. Once you find all your friends photos now try to solve the security....

Note : If you feel , your account is important then you have to do this procedure.
Method 2 : Seeking help from Support
As i said earlier the above first method works if you have 50-100 friends and it is very hard to get back if you have more than 1000 friends using that method., And now this is the only way to get back your account by appealing to fb support with your government issued Photo ID card..

  • Go to this Click Me with your blocked Facebook account
  •  Select "I have gov-issued photo ID"
  • Enter your Name & DOB from Photo ID [Name & DOB should match with the user name that your have in Facebook ]
  • Now upload the Photo Id issued by the government [Address is not important so you can blur/hide it..]