Glo: FREE Unlimited Browsing

Glo: FREE Unlimited Browsing
Migrate to glo g-bam by dialing
After you receive confirmation sms
keep dialing the code belowbr /> *100*5*1# .The more you dial the
code the more you get
The idea is to first
browse with your 5mb before
dialing the code, and even if you dial the
code when your mb is
almost used up: like
remaining 5kb it will still
work, just make sure
you have some data before dialing . You can dial the code
before or after you
browse with it, but
it will only be effective
if you dial after you've
browsed with it. After dialing the code and
you want to check
how many 5MB u've
itwill only display the remnant of your
5mb, it wont show it, but
till after you've
browsed and/or
downloaded more
than 5mb before you'll know the idea
works well. Enjoy!...

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