Etisalat Free 2GB & Above + Simple Method to Tweak Your Phone IMEI

Hi guys, and welcome to this lovely post.
This is not a new tweak, some people are
already flexing with it while some smart
guys are making urge amount of
money from it in their locality for long. This
post is to share more light on one of my old
and still working tweak, which was titled
" How To Tweak Your Phone IMEI & Get
Etisalat Free 1.5GB Every Month" Today, I
want to show you a very simple method to
change your Tecno Android Device IMEI, so
as for you to entitled to this Etisalat free
A Tecno Android phone can serve more
than 1000 Etisalat SIMs with free 2GB on
the each Etisalat SIMs. So, don't be panic if
you don't have Tecno phone, you may
borrow your friend tecno or give your Eti
sim to your friend to get it done for you on
his/her phone.
I don't need to talk too much, I'm sure most
of us here understand that this tweak was
tapped from Etisalat Smartphone Offer for
some phone like Tecno Phantom Z, Tecno
R7, F7, Nokia X2, XL etc.
The trick here is, we are going to make
them think we’re using those
aforementioned phones by changing our
Android device IMEI Number to the
Phantom Z (1.5GB) or new Infinix Zero
(500MB) IMEI which is usually 15 digits.
How To Generate IMEI For Eti 1.5GB
1. The first thing we need here is the first  8
digits of the Phantom Z IMEI which is
2. Remaining 7 digits can be generated off
the head, just put any number you like
there to make it 15 digits.
How to Tweak your Tecno Android Phone
Below is the Simplest tutorial to tweak your
Tecno phone IMEI to be entitled to this
2GB, the most interesting part, you don't
need to root your phone before this method
can work for you and you also not need to
generate any IMEI with any link.
1. Insert an Etisalat SIM to receive free GB
on SIM 2 (if you want to change
sim2′s imei number) of that Tecno phone.
2. Download & install Engineering
Mode from play store
3. Open it & click on Settings
4. Then wipe your screen to left site to see
Connectivity options.
5. Scroll down to CDS Information and tap on

6. Then, look for Radio Information, tap on it
and you'll see something like:
Phone1 -
Phone2 - .

7. Select Phone2-
8. You will see AT+
9. Type any letter in the search box after AT
+ and delete the letter you typed.
10. Then choose Phone2 which display
something like this: AT+EGMR=1,7,""
11. Put cursor in the middle of "" and insert
your 15digit IMEI, for 1.5GB IMEI, it should
look like:
12. After that, select SEND AT COMMAND
13. You will see a message "AT Command
14. Close everything and restart your
15. Wait till they send you a configuration
16. After that, go to compose message and
DATA to 8186
You will receive a message that your line
has been credited with 1.5GB.
You can check your MB balance with *228#
Repeat the steps for any eti sim you wished
to credit with 1.5GB, also make sure you
form another numbers for the last 7digit of
the IMEI.
If the line was not credited, which means the
IMEI you used has already been taken, what
you need to do is to re-follow the procedure
with another IMEI.
Here are the first 8 digits of the Infinix Zero
IMEI to get 500MB: 35585906 add any
7digit to it, then follow the above procedure
to get 500MB. Once your IMEI has been
successfully changed, Send MID to 8186
and 500MB will be added to your 1.5GB!
Enjoy it while it last.

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